4 Steps to Starting a Successful Craft Business

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In 2021, living under the threat of COVID-19, many of us are struggling to make a living and find ourselves looking for an alternative occupation. If you are a creative person and enjoy making things, perhaps you could consider selling your makes. Here are 4 steps to starting a successful craft business.

Find Your Niche

Deciding what to sell is the first and probably most challenging step to take when starting a successful craft business. If you have talent in one area only or make one product, then that decision is a no-brainer. However, if you are a crafter who enjoys making a range of different items, do some research on where there are gaps in the market or what products are popular at the current time. Whatever you decide to make, ensure that it stands out from the competition and is crafted to a high standard.

Find Supplies

Source suppliers online or locally who will supply you with stock that you need at a fair price. Confirm that this company can provide your goods quickly and efficiently. Choose products that are manufactured to a high standard as you do not want to use sub-standard equipment to make your products. Do not be tempted to purchase the cheapest goods just to save money. Poorly made supplies could jeopardize your hard work and ruin your reputation.

Use reputable companies for all aspects of your business, such as shipping, advertising, and accounting. When shipping your products to customers, you need your product to be well packaged and kept safe when being transported. Look for a supply chain company with parcel partners, meaning that it has partnered up with other businesses to provide a full range of shipping services from the packaging of goods to delivery to the customer’s doorstep.

Get Crafty

When you make your products, you must construct them to the highest standard you can. If a customer has commissioned them, ensure you follow their specification to the letter and liaise with them throughout the whole process. 

When setting time frames for making and delivery, be realistic. Do not promise customers a product earlier than you can fulfill. Not only will you become overworked and stressed, but the customer will become dissatisfied when their item is late, and the reputation of your business will be tarnished.

Show Off

Find effective avenues through which to sell your work.  Attend local craft fairs where you can set up a stall with your wares. Craft events such as this are a great way of discovering which of your products are most popular, and you will also get on the spot feedback from browsers. You could ask local craft or gift shops to stock your items.

Set up an online shop on media platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and Facebook. Facebook is an ideal place to sell your wares as it has an online shop facility that is free to use.  You can design your shop front and post photographs and videos of your craft.  Ask friends and family to like and share your page so that your customer base can grow.

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