Protecting Your Workforce During Covid-19: A Guide

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As a business or company owner or someone in charge of a project, there are essential factors that should always be considered when keeping the workforce safe. This is something that could not be truer, given we are making our way through another national lockdown. 

While most of us are fed up with being stuck indoors and working from home, there will be some people out there who are still going into the office, either through a decisive choice made by their management or because they cannot work from home. 

If you are someone searching for some guidance when wanting to protect your workforce during this time, look no further! We have compiled a helpful guide below of things to implement during these challenging few months; read on for more. 

  • Socially Distancing Workers: While we are practicing this throughout our wider lives, this should also be maintained and enforced within the workplace. By minimising the number of people in the office at one time, you can socially distance your workers a bit easier. What’s more, by moving furniture around, you can implement some sort of one-way walking system around your workplace; making sure your workers are socially distancing and, as a result, feel safe to be there.
  • Disinfecting the Workplace Regularly: For those who have been going into the workplace since the beginning of the pandemic, this is probably a bit of a given. However, for those looking to reopen their workspaces or who are making the transition back to the workplace in a gradual manner, this one is for you! By regularly cleaning the workplace and by using fogging machines against COVID-19, you can rest assured that all nooks and crannies are being cleaned to a high standard and that your workforce is at a minimised risk of getting unwell at the workplace. Ideal Cleaning is a company that provides commercial cleaning and disinfectant services for businesses big and small. If you want to find out more about using their services for your company, read all about a disinfectant fogger at
  • Offer Flexible Working Options to Staff: Naturally, as a business owner or project manager, you should be prepared for some of your workforce to feel some trepidation about returning to the workplace. Understanding the individual situation – rather than assessing each situation collectively – will provide your employees and colleagues with some peace of mind. Allowing anxious employees to continue working from home upon a return to normality while giving them the option to transition at their pace will keep a happy working environment that suits all! Not to mention, by allowing employees the chance to work from home moving forward, you will be making it easy to continue socially distancing until we no longer have to.

These are but some of the things you can do as a business owner and project manager to keep your workforce safe. By regularly reviewing the practices you are using and ensuring that you are working in-line with government guidance, you can rest assured that you are doing your part!

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