Why Do You Need the PIF V6 Portal for Your Food Business?

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Upgrading to the Product Information Form or PIF V6.0 is a good idea if you are in the food industry in Australia or New Zealand. When you are in the food and groceries business, it will save you plenty of time and money as it reduces paperwork and eliminates hassles of the previous system. It is far more simplified than the previous V5 spreadsheet. Sites like BizCaps will help you find out more about the upgraded system. Here is why you should opt for the PIF V6 portal. 

  1. Merging Different Systems

With the new PIF V6, there is no need to fill up the PIF V5 form and the Country of Origin Annex separately. There is also no need to copy and paste the same data in various forms, asking for similar details. The PIF V6 is more streamlined and complies with the current ANZ Food Standards Code. It manages all the data you need to comply with the labelling requirement, regulations, and controls for imported food. 

  1. Timely Updates 

With the new PIF V6.0 version, you do not have to worry about frequent updates. With the earlier V5 excel sheet, you had to scroll down through endless repetitive data to search for updates. You also had to figure out which areas needed to be updated before sharing the information with your partners. 

With the PIF V6.0, you can attach all your certificates and documents, and they are sent along with the new information you have typed in. You can also review the information later and add more documents later if required, always staying abreast with all that is happening in the team. 

  1. Access to Accurate Data

With the new PIF V6.0, you do not have to search through endless portals and documentation looking for the right information. You can set up an online portal yourself, or you could hire the services of a food consultant. After that, you will create a data centre that can only be accessed by authorized team members. 

They will be able to upload new data or finalize any other information instantly. The time spent on manual paperwork or even digital searching is remarkably reduced. You can search the entire database for product codes, delivery information, storage requirements, warehouse capacity, and more. 

  1. Compare Automatically

Manually cross-checking every single item is a time-consuming task when you have to replace PIF. With PIF V6.0, you can easily compare two PIFs and sort out all the variations and point out any changes between them. You do not have to tick off every single section manually. 

The secure technology also remains sure that your data remains safe through cloud-based PIF portals. They are also password-protected, and only those authorized will be able to access the data. It works seamlessly with external IT systems, ERPS, and recipe management systems.With PIF V6.0, you can be sure that your intellectual property is safe. BizCaps Software, along with two other vendors, has been authorized by AFGC to provide the PIF V6.0 portals. As you start using it, you will immediately notice the massive difference it makes to your food business management, and things will only get better.

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