Three attributes no business should be without

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If you’re a woodworking business, you might think the only people you need to employ are carpenters. If you’re a call centre, you might only think you need to employ people who are good at answering phones. In fact, there are so many more skillsets needed to make sure a company runs smoothly. Here’s a look at three of the attributes no business should be without.


If you’re a small business, you might not think you’d ever be the target of criminal activity. You might look around your store or office and think there’s nothing worth stealing. The reality is that every business could be a target of thieves. In fact, being a smaller business might make you more of a target as the criminal might assume that you have less security equipment, like CCTV cameras or alarms, to protect the building. To make sure you’re not vulnerable to break-ins or people trying to trespass and steal from your site, the best way to protect your building is to hire a security guard. Find an experienced team, like the ones provided by Nob Hill Security, who are fully licensed, insured, and skilled in de-escalation tactics. This means no matter who tries to jeopardise the security of your business and more importantly your employees, you’ll have experts on hand to resolve the situation in the most effective way possible. With these workers on site, your employees can feel a lot more relaxed whilst going about their day to day work, not worrying about any sudden incidents. 

IT Support

Another big problem that poses a risk of jeopardising your business’ productivity is your IT systems. No matter what line of work you’re in, it’s highly likely that you’ll rely on a number of different computer-based systems to carry out a number of different tasks every day. If one of those systems suddenly breaks, you whole business could ground to a halt. Even if one of your computers doesn’t break completely but starts to run a lot slower and crash more regularly, it could seriously impact how much work your team can complete within a day. With this in mind, it’s important to find someone who can not only fix these systemswhen they go wrong but maintain them regularly to make sure they’re running as fast as possible. If you can’t afford to employ someone full-time to do this, make sure you have a contract with an external company to check on your systems regularly and be on hand if something does go wrong. 


Another factor that has the ability to seriously damage your team’s ability to work is any staff-related complaints. If there’s a dispute between two employees, it’s important that you sort out the problem as soon as possible. Not only is it likely that these two employees will be distracted, less motivated and less likely to work well as part of the team, it could even affect the mood and the motivation of the whole team to work hard for the company. Make sure you have a professional HR representative who is well trained in employee law who can resolve these problems quickly and within the law.

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