How you can deal knee and shoulder injuries with Stem Cell Therapy

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Today knee or shoulder injury is one of the most significant health issues in people of all ages. Medical conditions like osteoarthritis develop when the cartilage covering the bones starts to wear off. This cartilage acts as a protective covering for the joints, and its wearing results in the knees rubbing against themselves. As a result, it leads to pain and swelling, and might eventually lead to permanent loss of mobility in severe cases.

Millions of people are suffering from osteoarthritis, and they use anti-inflammatory medications, therapy, and pain relievers like CBD oil UK to fight their way through the misery. In severe cases of knee cartilage degradation, arthroscopy, subchondral bone drilling, and microfracture are often used as a medical treatment. Injection therapy is also considered as an option at a few instances.

However, many of these patients still continue to develop severe symptoms over time, and eventually go through knee joint replacement surgery. Thousands of people every year undergo surgeries, but it is still a major medical risk and a turning point in a person’s lifetime. Stem Cell Therapy, on the other hand, is now considered as a potential medical treatment that helps in decreasing inflammation, and repairing joint cartilage. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can also help in delaying or even avoiding the knee replacement surgery.

What is a Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cell therapy for knees or shoulders is considered as a regenerative therapy method which uses the stem cells in the bone marrow of a human body. There are different types of stem cells in the human body but they generally trigger the damaged tissues in the body to repair themselves. Through therapy these stem cells are redirected to where they are needed the most in the body, like knees or shoulders. There are reliable medical consultants, like ThriveMD to assist patients with the procedure. 

In the treatment, progenitor cells, mainly mesenchymal stem cells are used to repair the damaged cartilage instead of replacing them. Adult stem cells are able to differentiate between cartilage, bone and fat which gives them an edge into directly influencing the degenerated cartilage in the body. The mesenchymal stem cells have proved to be therapeutic in the treatment of osteoarthritis. There is a sense of safety in undergoing this therapy and it has a positive record of tissue engineering as well.

Researches and studies have exclusively proven that the stem cell therapy has the potential to provide structural regeneration along with mechanical properties that can prove to be a breakthrough in the battle against diseases like osteoarthritis.

Treatment Methods and Potential Results

Adult stem cells are extracted from fat tissues and bone marrow, and these cells have a considerable potential for growth that helps in the cartilage formation process. However, these cells are either inactive or they are present in a relatively low quantity in older patients. On the other hand, cells derived from fat tissues are present in a considerably higher number and their employment has shown promising results against osteoarthritis. This process is usually preferred over the bone marrow method. Stem cells can also be obtained through PRP or concentrated placental growth factors.Studies and researches have shown encouraging results for stem cell therapy in different patients. A considerable number of patients were able to avoid the replacement surgeries.Tthe therapy has done wonders for their constant pain and aches. Multiple athletes and active sportsmen have gone through and acknowledged the stem cell therapy, as they have been able to make a return in competitive sports.

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