Essential Tips to Maintain Your Delivery Business’ Trucks

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Freight transport by road is arguably the most popular and extensive means of freight hauling, due to the flexibility and convenience of door-to-door delivery. According to the Department for Transport in 2018, 79% of all goods moved and delivered in the UK went by road. Regular maintenance of these trucks is crucial to your delivery business operations; you therefore need to discover ways to maintain your trucks for the best results. So, if you’re looking for tips on how to maintain your business‘ trucks efficiently, here are four points to consider.

  1. Replace worn-out parts

It is common for car parts to develop wear and tear over time. As such, it is crucial to replace worn-out truck parts, mainly interior parts, regularly. Finding specific parts to replace your trucks’ worn-out parts isn’t always easy, so some experts recommend buying and storing these parts in bulk to help with a quick replacement should the need arise. Consequently, it would be best to partner with a reputed spare parts dealer who can supply quality remanufactured parts that your trucks will need as time passes. For example, stocking up on essential spare parts like the EA2000 EBS One Channel Module Remanufactured by Remot will be crucial to your operations, so consider this for the maximum efficiency.

  1. Conduct regular tests and inspections

Regularly inspecting your fleet is vital to maintaining your delivery business’ trucks for many good reasons. Firstly, it reveals problems like oil pressure loss and excess smoking that may have significant long-term effects. As such, conduct standard engine compression tests and check for faulty tires, as data indicates that defective tires caused 446 accidents in Britain in 2017. Additionally, check for faulty brakes, as these equally cause notorious road accidents. You should even frequently inspect electrical systems and fuel and storage tanks, to reduce vehicle malfunctions, facilitate better and timely deliveries which will surely encourage customer satisfaction and boost your business.

  1. Have a truck maintenance log

Keeping a truck maintenance log is crucial to the proper maintenance of your business trucks, making it worth considering. A truck maintenance log provides a record of your vehicles’ conditions over time, and also the number of repair works conducted on them. Using this record, you can then develop a realistic schedule for preventive checks and maintenance for all vehicles to ensure that each truck remains in optimum condition at all times.  

Additionally, a truck maintenance log helps you track and identify parts at risk of damage and monitor other issues that require quick resolution. Some experts recommend considering the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations when scheduling maintenance, primarily if your company uses different truck models. 

  1. Prevent body problems

Several experts believe that trucks retire earlier than other vehicle types due to corrosion and further deterioration, mostly if these trucks frequently ply routes with salt and other chemicals. However, you can adopt several methods to slow down your vehicles’ decline over time. Experts recommend washing your trucks after it rains as rain damages their protective finishing. Also, insist that your drivers avoid driving into big puddles and mud on the road. Regular paint jobs, daily car washing, and spraying door locks with lubricants are also essential to maintaining your fleet.

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