How Home Remodeling Has Become a Booming Business

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For decades, home remodeling has primarily been a task of the “do it yourselfers” the “weekend warriors” the “at home handyman.” However, this is increasingly a service that homeowners have been relying on experts for.

The process of remodeling can be as simple as fresh tile, or can mean tearing a project down to the studs and building a whole new concept. No matter how large or how small your home remodeling project is, you’ll need at least two things: a clear vision for the final result and a reliable general contractor connecticut to bring that vision to life. Finding the right contractor is crucial, so be sure to research and choose a professional with a good reputation and experience in the type of project you’re planning.

Permits and licenses are now required in the majority of states and the skillset has gotten quite expansive. There are now professional home remodeling companies such as On Point Builders in Colorado that have specialty designs for everything from basement finishes, trophy rooms to any type of modern or classic bathroom or kitchen remodel.

What all goes into the remodeling and construction process?

The process of remodeling can be as simple as fresh tile, or can mean tearing a project down to the studs and building a whole new concept. No matter how large or how small your home remodeling project is, you’ll need at least two things:

A reputable construction company

Most high end construction companies will give you a complimentary quote, be able to answer all of your questions, give a realistic timeline and make you feel comfortable throughout the process. More importantly, they’ll be able to deliver on these promises and get you the home of your dreams in the timeline and budget that they quoted you.

Quality equipment

For construction pros that take the job seriously, expect them to have quality equipment on the jobsite and the ability to fabricate cabinets, cut tile, custom build sinks and tubs at their facility and install them on premises. This means that many of them will have more than just a handsaw, but will have quality band saws such as these that they’ll be able to give you a custom bookmatched table or live edge counter top with.

How long will a quality remodeling project take?

This is a bit of a loaded question as each project is unique and each company may work on anywhere from 1-5 jobs at a time. However, it is safe to say that 90% of kitchen OR bathroom remodels are completed in 4-8 weeks. We are counting as a remodel as new countertops, vanities, floors, tub/sink and paint. 

Occasionally there will be a project that happens more quickly, but the majority of full remodels of a room take at least 4 weeks.

For projects that need custom engineering and rearranging of appliances, hookups and outlets, assume 8 weeks is the minimum time for your project to be completed.

Should you hire a general contractor or just us a licenced subcontractor

Generally speaking, you do not need a general contractor for small remodeling jobs. Just getting a reputable remodeling contractor should suffice. Where general contractors make their money is typically on building new homes as well as working on large commercial real estate projects.

General contractors help facilitate the process of hiring and scheduling subcontractors as well as scheduling when they do their work. They provide the homeowner or real estate development company with a single point of contact instead of having to work with all of the contractors individually. This makes more sense when there are contractors from multiple trades coming to and from the jobsite. This is typically not the place with a simple kitchen remodel.

What to look for when hiring a great contractor

It is always best to hire a professional that has been referred to you by a trusted friend or neighbor. First hand experience and an introduction to a quality construction professional cannot be beaten. However, they can also be somewhat hard to come by and you may not find a person who is cut out for your size project. That is when you will likely turn to the internet to do some research.

When researching what contractor to hire, make sure that they are licensed and bonded to do the type of construction work that you are asking them to do, have clear, concise answers to your questions about budget and timeframe and their workers have all passed background checks. You may be surprised how many criminals and ex criminals gravitate to the construction field. 

In addition, make sure that they have completed jobs like yours previously and have the pictures to prove it. If they have reviews online that you can find on Google, HomeAdvisor or Yelp, that is even better.

Is remodeling my home worth it?

The answer to this question is not the same for everyone. Typically, if you are remodeling your home or even just your kitchen or bathroom, it is to modernize your home and make your feel better about it. However, there are people who will remodel in order to sell their homes.

If you are remodeling your home in order to sell it, you may not want to sink too much money into the project. If the home is already nice, you may just want to make minor cosmetic changes to the interior in order to increase the purchase price. This can be done on a relatively small budget and within a couple weeks. Some of it you can even do yourself. In this case, you’ll very likely increase the sale price of your home and get it off the market more quickly.

If you are working on rehabbing an old home that need major renovations, you could look into hiring a licensed general contractor to oversee the construction as this will likely involve professionals from multiple trades coming and going. To make sure their work is satisfactory, have a general contractor on your side to inspect what they have done before making payment.

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