Office Redesign: What You Need To Think About

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A redesign of your office has more than just aesthetic benefits; your team may work more efficiently, it creates a better first impression for potential customers, and it can really help improve the overall atmosphere of your office. Whether you’re planning a redesign to spruce the place up a little, or you’d like to see a more productive work flow from your team, here are some things you need to think about when conducting an office redesign

Colour scheme

The decor in your office makes a huge difference to how effectively your team will work. A dull colour scheme will likely create a mundane atmosphere, yet a colour scheme that’s too bright may be distracting for your employees. You can get some inspiration here for office colour schemes that will promote productivity if you’re struggling to find the right kind of style for your new office.


The layout in your office is another extremely important factor when redesigning your office. If you’re considering changing the layout when you redesign, it’s important to think about how covid-19 could change office design and the precautions you’ll need to put in place to keep your staff safe. You also need to think about factors such as any breeze that may flow through your office, screen glare from the sun, and who works well sitting next to each other vs who doesn’t work so well.


Comfort at work is more important than you may think, and this is something you may want to consider when redesigning your office. Whether that means buying new desk chairs to keep your staff comfortable, or providing a comfortable area for clients and customers to wait, you need to think about how you’re going to execute this. Drawing up a floor plan will help you imagine your new office design, and be sure to get the opinions of others too!


Rooms with little to no natural light can be difficult to work in and can decrease productivity. Cold white lights with a blue hue can even sometimes be painful for some people! If you don’t have the option of letting in natural light, consider warmer lights for your office to help eye comfort, especially if your staff work mostly on computers. Bright lights will help keep your staff alert, so find the right hue to suit everyone’s needs. The colour scheme of your office may affect the kind of lighting to suit the room, so keep that in mind too.

Equipment upgrade

Your equipment might be working just fine, but is it a little outdated now? Could your staff benefit from upgraded equipment to work with? Not only will upgrading equipment help boost productivity levels, it will also add an impressive aesthetic level to your office which will give off the right impression to new and existing customers that visit your office.

Redesigning your office doesn’t have to be stressful and with these tips, you can create a sleek area for your employees to thrive!

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