Finding The Perfect Career In The Music Industry

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Many people have a passion for music, but far too few know how to turn this into a profitable career. Finding your ideal role in the music industry needn’t be as difficult as you might think, as there are many brilliant ideas that you can research today to achieve job satisfaction in no time at all. Read on to uncover some of the best music based career paths that you can explore today!

Music Journalist 

A music journalist is someone who writes all about the industry, publishing their content for eager readers to consume! Whether this means discussing new song or album releases, performing interviews with artists or featuring news and other stories, a music journalist is responsible for presenting the music world to the masses. To be a music journalist you must have the confidence to approach different agents and sources to get your information, as well as maintaining great communication skills and an inspiring writing style. If you have previous experience with writing then this may be preferred, and those who have already taken the time to network and make connections may find it easier to secure a role. You can stick to one specific genre of music such as rock or pop, cover a certain decade such as the 90s or just write broad and general articles about the industry as a whole. 


For those of you who love to sing and have a passion for lyrical ideas, becoming a professional singer or songwriter might just be the perfect option. A singer can be a lone artist that performs on their own, or a backup singer that supports another artist or band, so it depends upon your skill level and your desire for fame. It’s likely to be much easier to gain a role as a backup singer, though you’ll still be getting stage time and the opportunity to make amazing connections in the industry! If you wish to be an independent artist then you must consider how you will build your reputation first of all, as there are several different avenues you can explore to break into the charts but all of these begin with a fan base or following that can push you to succeed. Start your own social media page or YouTube channel, posting regular videos, photos and recordings that express your vocal talent! Becoming a songwriter can be such a rewarding job, as you can gain all of the respect and recognition your talent deserves without having to deal with the negative side effects associated with fame. Most popular artists use a whole team of songwriters just to create one hit track, so you could become a part of your favourite band or singers group in order to help them create another brilliant song or album. You can take song writing courses online, which will teach you many useful skills that are required to write a good song. 

Sound Engineer 

If you would prefer to stay behind the scenes in the music industry, exploring the option of becoming a sound engineer could meet your needs. Sound engineers are technical individuals that know all about the electronic side of music production, and they are an essential feature of any memorable live music gig. Without a knowledgeable sound engineer, an artist or band wouldn’t be able to express their music to the masses clearly, and they would likely encounter many technical issues which would prevent them from producing high quality music as a whole. An audio engineering course will show you the basics, and it’s a vital qualification that a sound engineer must achieve to gain a role within a respected agency. There are many resources online which can help you to further improve your skills, helping you to specialise in different areas to become more attractive for specific clients, too. It’s a complex role that requires lots of thought and mathematical processes to achieve the correct end product, but it can be so rewarding too.


For those of you who are seeking a role with responsibility and influence, becoming an agent or manager of an artist, band or any other music professional could be the role you’ve been waiting for. A talent agent or manager needs to have a wealth of connections in the industry, enabling them to secure venues, interviews, record deals and more to benefit their client! Almost all artists and music professionals have an agent then creates their schedule on their behalf, as so an agent must have the skills required to improve a client’s career.

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