Preschool – 5 Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Programme

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We all want the best for our kids, so choosing a preschool will take some time. It isn’t a case of picking the nearest one to home, we need to do some research to ensure we find the best possible option. If your child is getting ready to go to preschool, consider these 5 tips before choosing an early learning programme. 

  1. Teaching Philosophy

There are many different methods and ways to teach young kids, but one of the best teaching philosophies for early learners is a play-based approach. Kids learn by doing, that is how they pick up new skills. They like to explore their environment and a hands-on experience is great for helping them to learn. If you are looking for a preschool in Bangkok, try to find one that offers long periods of independent play. 

2. Discipline

Young kids are only learning about the world, so discipline is an important factor when considering a preschool programme. When choosing a school, ask the teachers about discipline. When it comes to problem solving, it is important to view children as problems solvers. They cannot just be given a time out and be told to say sorry. They need to take personal responsibility for their actions. 

3. Autonomy

At an early age, kids need to learn to be independent. You must find a preschool programme that encourages independence by creating the right environment and promoting strategies that work. This could mean using tactics such as:

  • Having child sized tables and chairs
  • Lower toilet sinks
  • Easy to access storage points 

Being independent is a great way to build your child’s confidence. 

4. Teacher Ratio

There is no point in putting your child in a public preschool programme in Bangkok where the teacher to student ratio could be as big as 30:1. You’ll need to find a reputable international or private school where their programmes have at least a 1:8 ratio. 

5. Teachers

This is obviously one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a preschool programme. The best way to find out about the teachers is to ask parents and observe them in action. When you visit the school, take some time to chat with the preschool teachers and see what you think about them. There are 5 important factors to consider when choosing a preschool programme for your child. Finding the right school doesn’t have to be that difficult, once you take all of the points above into consideration, you’ll find a good school for your kids.

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