5 Best Small Business Ideas That You Can Start During COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard. People are losing jobs and struggling all over the world. However, you can also see this as an opportunity to start doing what you’ve always dreamt of. Be your own boss. Start a small business from your home. While on one hand, traditional in-person stores are closing, but on the other hand, online marketplace is thriving. Everything is moving online so it is fair to say that this is the best time to realize your passion. Here are some of the most popular and easy home business ideas that you can start today.

#1 – Sell Homemade Food

If you’ve got a knack for cooking, the you can easily convert this skill into a business. These days there are a lot of meal delivery apps like Foodpanda that also offer homemade food. You can sign up for one of these. All you need is a sanitary kitchen, high quality ingredients, your chef skills and you’re good to go.  You can also start an independent food business. For example, opening a bakery or selling canned goods like jams, pickles, etc. There’s a lot of demand for organic and non-processed food these days, so it will be quite profitable.

Pro Tip: When selling independently, it is very important that you market your business effectively. And packaging is one of the easiest and most influential way you can do that. People often buy products because of cute and elegant packaging. So, go an extra mile to customize your cake boxes or jam jars with MK Advertising and Packaging company.

#2 – Start your own Clothing Line

Starting a fashion brand is probably the most difficult business idea on this list. That is because it extends beyond your home. You might have excellent designs and a good grasp on fashion trends but mass production and shipment is not a one-person job.

That said, you can totally do something on a smaller scale at home. Instead of starting an all-round fashion line, zero in on a specific category. For example, you can just sell shirts, jeans, unique hats, winter wear, sexy lingerie or taking advantage of the current health crisis, stylish face masks. Another thing you can try is thrift flip. Buy cool items of clothes from thrift stores, make adequate changes and resell them for a slightly expensive price. Note that the quality of these items should be your first priority.

#3 – Sell Unique Jewelry or Accessories

If you make jewelry as a hobby, you can turn it into a profitable business. Jewelry never goes out of style. With so many variations and trends, there will always be a demand for jewelry and accessories. It is also a way for people to express themselves and show their individuality. So, if you have some cool designs for jewelry that your customers can use to make a statement, start selling!

Pro tip: Not only will you need excellent craftsmanship, but also high-quality material and machinery. So make sure, you have all of that in order to make your jewelry business a success.

#4 – Are you an Artist? Sell your Paintings!

This seems more like a dream but you can totally be a professional artist that makes money. The key point here is to make art pieces that sells, which admittedly is a broad category. However, focus on things that appeal to people and give it a personal, unique touch. Create something that they cannot find anywhere else. You can set up a store on any e-commerce site but it is super important to market your art through social media.

#5 – Become an Online Retailer

If you don’t think you’re creative enough to come up with your interesting products, you can just sell others. Starting a retail store has never been easier before. With the rise of online shopping due to COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are shopping online. To become an online retailer, all you need to do is buy products in bulk, advertise them at your e-store and ship them to your customers. Your online store can’t be a jack of all-trades, it should serve a particular niche, be it makeup, skin care, household goods, grocery, etc. It might require you to turn a part of your house into warehouse to hold inventory, so make certain you have considerable storage space before starting.

Pro tip: With numerous retail stores popping up online, you’ll have a lot of competition. Do something that sets you apart from them. For example, offer cheaper prices, free shipping, bundles and deals, attractive packaging, etc. The challenge is to figure out how to make a profit with all of this.To sum it up, these are just a few business ideas you can start from home. You can convert anything into a profitable business if you ensure high-quality, production and advertising, etc.

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