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The distinctive title of a business is more than just words: It is the representation of your company and brand. The process of choosing a name for your business may seem simple, but there are many factors that contribute to creating a successful brand. A good distinctive title has the power to engrave your business in the minds of consumers, give it a competitive edge, open doors to new markets and boost its further growth. In this article, we will analyze, what constitutes a good business name, how to find a name for your business, and common mistakes regarding choosing a business name.

What makes a good business name?

Although there are rules and exceptions to the content of a good company badge, all experts agree on some key points. First and foremost, the name of a business should focus on the message you want to convey. The name you choose must express everything you want to convey to the customer. The best brands are so indicative of a customer’s needs that they often seem obvious. A good name should be short – from two to four syllables – and easy to pronounce. The reason that short distinctive titles are considered ideal is that they are easy to brand and to be remembered by consumers. Your business name may contain new or existing words, but there are pros and cons in each case. A word you coined (consider, for example, Epson ) reduces the risk of confusing your company with a competitor. However, it can take a lot of time and marketing to establish its meaning among consumers. You can also use this name for branded merchandise. This is something super cool which can resonate with buyers. 

How to find a name for your business.

There are many different methods you can use to find a brand for your business. The most successful, however, is the one that focuses on the customer. Make a list of everything you want your business to represent. This patchwork of ideas will bring you to a set of traits that you can then pair with words. Combine the words that convey the attributes of your business and compose a name that will make sense to the customer. The process will lead to a first – and quite large – list of ideas for your business name. Next, ask your potential customers to rate each name on a scale of 1 to 20, based on how well it describes your business. At the end of the process, select the five most popular. 

Common Mistakes About Choosing a Business Name

The name is very important for a business. It can contribute to its failure if it isn’t just right. A great name can contribute to its success, just as a name that does not resonate with the consumer can be disastrous. The balance is very delicate when it comes to creating a brand for your business. Many entrepreneurs choose to give their business the name of a specific product or service they provide. This can create a problem for the business if it wants to offer products or services that are not related to its name. A similar problem is the choice of a name that has nothing to do with what you offer. If you choose something very specialized, you are limiting your buying public and you are driving away all those who do not belong to the main field of your commercial activity, even if they use your product or service. Distinctive spelling captions can cause problems, especially in internet searches. So start thinking outside the box and brand your business the best way possible!

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