Are You A New Member Of The Coronavirus Career Switcher Gang?

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The global pandemic of 2020 has made many people take a step back and reflect on their priorities in life. Many people have seen this pivotal moment in the world’s history as a moment to make a change in their professional life. Rather than slogging away for the next twenty years in a job that you find unfulfilling, you might want to spend your forty-hour working week doing something that gives you real job satisfaction. Just because you earn a decent wage and you have a stable job doesn’t mean you should make do. Instead, think about what you want to do with your career. It’s never too late to do something new, so why not join the coronavirus career switcher gang.


It doesn’t matter whether you work in the financial sector, you are a marketing executive, or you are an educator, you can switch careers. You will have transferable skills that will be valuable to other sectors. While you may have to spend some time retraining and you might need to begin lower down the career ladder, you can switch careers and find more job satisfaction in a new role. Think about working outdoors, following a passion, or doing something practical. You could choose to retrain as an electrician, arm yourself with some equipment and tools from Mektronics, and gain some experience shadowing a professional. Commit to your new venture and set about achieving some new career goals.


When applying for new roles, make sure that you don’t employ a scattergun approach. Read every job advert and person specification carefully to ensure that you would take the role if offered. As you are seeking more professional fulfillment from your career, ensure that you make every job application you send off bespoke. Check out the ethos of a firm and work out whether you would enjoy working for them. You need to hit the ground running and fit into a team. State what you can bring to a company rather than what they can do for you. This shows how impactful you can be and how much of an asset you would be to a company.


Many people are very wary of taking a sabbatical when it comes to their careers. They feel that momentum could be lost and being out of work for a period of time is seen as a negative by employers. However, a valuable sabbatical could involve some months of retraining, traveling, or embarking on a side hustle in an attempt to formulate a money-making business. Taking a sabbatical is not the same as taking a long holiday. You need to do worthwhile activities with your time. This can give you time to reflect and to really hone the sort of job you want. You might want to follow a passion for art, tap into your creative side, or set up your own company. Many people choose to become flexitarians, taking on multiple freelance roles in an effort to emulate a full-time wage.

If you are eager to remove yourself from the rat race in an effort to find more job satisfaction, follow this guide and join the career switcher gang.

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