The Modern Workplace: What Are the Best Practices for Working Remotely?

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As we get deeper and deeper into the Digital Age, more businesses are moving towards remote employees. Not only does it allow more flexibility for workers, but it also allows companies to leverage global talent and expertise. Broadband and VPN technology mean that the days when everyone needed to be in the same place at the same time are long gone. It’s just not always necessary anymore. Whether you are a veteran or new to working remotely, there are a few things that can increase security, efficiency and workflow. Here are a few best practices for your modern workplace.


When it comes to working remotely, enough cannot be said about consistency. Especially when it comes to the way files are named. Remote file access can get pretty tricky when everyone is using their own naming convention for files that need to be accessed by more than one individual. Not only is it good for organization, but it also increases productivity and efficiency. Make it a habit to check-in daily with a summary of what you accomplished the day before or during the day.


It helps to prioritize clear communication. When you are committed to communicating well with your colleagues and asking questions for clarity, a lot of trouble can be avoided. Everyone will be clear about their duties, roles and what is expected. Communicating effectively and clearly will free up a lot of unnecessary back and forth with emails, calls and video conferences. It ultimately improves workplace efficiency.

You also need to make sure that you are communicating through authorized and secure channels. Some businesses require heavy duty data security, and you do not want to be the one responsible for mishandled data. It may be necessary to use a VPN service or a designated device.


Working remotely requires accountability, as distractions are never too far off. Since there’s no one to keep you on task, you can create an accountability system to help you. Try using a timer if you find yourself easily distracted. One of the simplest ways is to block off chunks of time to dedicate to your work tasks. You can also share what you are doing with your team members so that others are aware of what is happening on your end. Checklists are another great way to keep people on track. Make a list of your tasks for the day and check them off as you tackle them. This will give you a visual queue to stay focused. There are lots of advantages to working remotely, and just as many ways to make it an enjoyable experience for all team members involved. Do your best to be inclusive of everyone. So if someone is in another part of the world, use a platform that is available to all participants. Keep in mind your language, behavior and expectations as well when you have a global team. Keep these best practices in mind while you strive to reach your business goals in today’s modern working environment.

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