Going To Meet Your New Supply Chain Clients

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An incredibly important fact of doing business in 2020, is that it’s changing very rapidly. Supply chains are actually shifting from the monster economy of China. Western countries are passing laws that are favoring companies to make things at home again and that means China is no longer the leader in supply chains. You have probably felt this change already and you could be contacting new supply chain clients. When you go to meet your new clients, you need to do certain things to lock in a deal so you can have a seamless transition from China to a nation that is closer to home, if not domestic.

Sending your best

Before you do anything, get your employees cleared by a doctor. Meeting in person is vital but you cannot do this if your workers haven’t been tested for Covid-19. Once they have been given the all-clear, now you can decide who you will be sending. Keep your team small and effective.

  • Sales manager: He or she will lead the charge on how much material, equipment, product, or services you can purchase.
  • R&D manager: He or she will inform the client on scope and potential as they know what you may be planning for the future.
  • Risk manager: He or she will be wary of not overexposing your business, taking into account the financial, logistical, and potential legal landmines that need to be overcome.
  • Financial advisor: He or she will know exactly how much you can spend and thus, draw up the contract to suit your needs with the client.

That’s it, keep it small and powerful. You may also want to have a couple more employees tag along to learn or just assist the managers that are heading off.

Reliable transport and accommodation

During this time where travel is being restricted across the planet, you need to use a service that is able to facilitate your needs for transport and accommodation. This ground transportation solution is trusted because you can call upon their services 24-hours a day. Whether you need just one taxi, or 100 coaches, or several hotel rooms, this is the service to contact. They specialize in helping business clients travel and find places to stay while they are on important business meetings. The great thing is, your employees don’t have to worry about finding places in a foreign country as the service will take you where you want to go. There’s no chance of your trade representatives being late or getting lost!

Be flexible

Now that supply chains are changing their location, you need to be more flexible with your potential clients. Why? Well, you’re not the only one who is shifting their operations. The clients are also having to expand rapidly. So, negotiate in both a relaxed and understanding manner, but also be ready to offer a generous deal to the supply chain client to lock in a deal.

Supply chains are moving from the giant that is China and coming closer to home. Only send your best to meet your new B2B clients, and keep the team less than 6 people as per the new travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

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