What does a personal injury lawyer do?

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The value of insurance can be questionable, that is until you need it. And much like insurance, personal injury lawyers can mean nothing to you until you experience a personal injury. Then, they can really make the difference between suffering in silence and getting the compensation you need to recuperate, pay medical bills, and make the necessary adjustment to your home.

For most of us, hiring a personal injury lawyer can be daunting, as well as costly and time-consuming. Workers in industries that involve heavy equipment, driving vehicles or construction, as examples, are in jobs that put them at high risk. The same goes for people who work in medicine, or work with chemicals.

Personal injury lawyers are often tied in with insurance companies, which means that they can be under less pressure for the ‘high stakes’ of big pay-outs. Rather, their role is to cover the costs of the case that the insurance company is under policy to cover

Here are a couple of scenarios in which a personal injury lawyer can help, should a calamity arise.

Driving Accident

Driving is a core activity in lots of people’s lives. It’s expected that these people take on additional risk everyday to fulfil their duty. This includes risk of car accidents (e.g. taxi drivers, delivery drivers, patrol officers, commuters), truck accidents (e.g. long-haul drivers) and even motorcycle accidents (e.g. for people who work as couriers and traffic police.) The sheer amount of time spent on the road means that an accident, at some point in their career, is almost inevitable. Driving accidents are so commonplace that vehicle accident lawyers are in a massive industry. Because of that, lawyers in this field are not generalists, but instead are specialist accident lawyers in the type of accident, such as car accident attorneys, truck accident attorneys and motorcycle accident attorneys. This Los Angeles car accident lawyer will represent people who have suffered accidents with an ATV, a boat, or even riding a bus.

Medical Malpractice

Despite the very rigorous rules regarding the required training and qualifications for professionals working in the healthcare industry, and the safeguards employee at an operational level, cases of malpractice remain very common. It is considered a major cause of death in the United States. Such malpractice cases include prescription errors, birth injuries and misdiagnosis. For example anaesthesia mistakes are common and can leave patients requiring considerably more care at huge cost. Medical malpractice lawyers are specialists who will have expertise in the area of malpractice of the case. Because medical malpractice cases are complex, lawyers provide expert witnesses who can testify in your case about breaches to standard practices, and provide expert opinion on the correct course of treatment for your original condition. They will also forensically inspect your case files to report on exactly what happened. Some firms can also provide medical care whilst you overcome the consequences 0f the malpractice itself, with rehabilitation support. Medical malpractice lawyers don’t just sit behind a desk – they provide a wide variety of services that will get you back on your feet.

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