Surviving as a Fresher

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The first day in university is always nerve-racking and confusing with so many questions running through the head. No one prepares freshmen on what to expect although the best essay help can help students to get some insights to these questions. As the moving day draws closer, students worry about how the experience will get worse. The crazy experience is both bad and good. It can be a bit confusing and too much to handle some times. The following are a couple of tips to help a freshman survive.

  • No pressure

Peer pressure pushes students to adapt to new customs. It is important not to succumb to the pressure. Most parents talk to their children about peer pressure. But, the new environment and new people may lead to vulnerability. Many new undergrads may find themselves making decisions they usually wouldn’t make. If your peers make you have clouded judgment, it is okay to avoid the situation to avoid falling into bad vices.

  • Do not slack

In some universities, the first year does not necessarily matter when it comes to the final grading. But, it does not mean you should miss seminars and lectures. Creating enough time for schoolwork helps you prepare well for the rest of your time at the university. If you use the first year lazing around and not doing your school assignments, it makes adjusting in the following years difficult. It can make you fail the freshman year and lead to dropping out of school or redoing the whole year. It is thus very crucial to balance fun and school work.

  • Friendships

The university may feel like a fame contest. Newcomers try to see which of them ends up with more friends after their freshman year. Wanting to make new friends is not wrong. The only problem is getting caught up trying to make friends that you start getting depressed and low self-esteem. It is essential to choose friends who will not mislead you.

  • Family

Missing home is a normal thing, especially if the school is very far from home. The university is overpowering sometimes. Balancing your time is not easy because you want to use every single minute well. It is vital to create some time to talk to your family members if you feel homesick. Talking to them helps in filling that empty void.

  • Know your boundaries

Your body may struggle to handle all the pressure, trying to balance fun and school work. It is important not to succumb to pressure. It is okay to say no to friend’s invites to have some good time if you feel exhausted. There is always a next time for that. Sometimes, pushing your body to the limit causes health issues.

  • Stay safe

Getting a lecture on college life is not new. The advice often comes from every direction. But, it is all useful when you join the university. It is vital to be careful since you are all by yourself now. Do not stay out late because staying out late is dangerous. Engaging in vices may lead to things like drug addictions and other bad habits.

  • Explore

Joining college in a different city creates an opportunity to visit new sites and join new clubs. Visit other fun places and do fun activities like golf clubs and bowling halls. As a student, find friends that will come with you on explorations. Try new and safe undertakings to do like local adventures. Create memorable moments with your friends.

  • Do not rush

The first days as a new undergrad are exciting. Students feel like they want to explore everything all at once. There is no need to rush because you have a whole year to do that. Do things in order and also try balancing schoolwork and fun, always do it for you and not to please other people.


Being a fresher comes with all sorts of feelings, excitement, worry, fear, and a lot of unanswered questions. All these questions get answers through experience. Make sure to take precautions starting with the friends you make, balancing school work, and having fun. Too much fun may lead to redoing the whole year or dropping from school. Ensure you make the right choices and draw boundaries.

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