How Sales Funnels Can Help You Double Revenue

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How do my cold prospects become hot leads overnight? What happened before these hot leads turned into buyers?

Or even more important, how to stay afloat and move to the next level? When you’re out and about to start working with your target audience, such questions are aching.

The success of your business depends entirely on its structure and the way you understand your business’s workflow. The approach you have toward your sales process, the way you train your teams and how you systemise your data is founded on your understanding of predictions and the moment your future consumers see your touchpoints.

To put it simply, we can say that such understanding comes when you see your sales funnel clearly.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Most probably you want visitors on your website to take specific actions. Perhaps you want them to sign up, make a purchase or fill out a form. When a visitor does something you want them to do, it’s known as a conversion.

Those who’ve just entered your website convert from browsing to performing the action you want them to perform. That said, a funnel is the set of steps a visitor has to go through before they reach the conversion.

Let’s think about Amazon and their purchase funnel. There are numerous steps a visitor has to undergo before they can purchase something. Here’s how it goes:

  • They have to visit Amazon’s website
  • They have to view the item they want to purchase
  • Add it to the cart
  • And finally, purchase it

But why is the set of steps called “funnel”? At the beginning of the process, there are many people who take the first step. Progressively, as they continue along and take the following steps, some of them leave, while the size of the crowd narrows or thins. Finally, along the process, your sales team will get involved to put up for sale.

The One Funnel Away Challenge

Your sales funnel resembles the path prospects take. Understanding your funnel can help you find the holes – or the places where the prospects drop out and never convert. The One funnel away challenge will offer you the opportunity to experience realistic and touchable results in just 30 days with sales funnels.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

It’s a well-structured program that runs you through everything you have to know about how to grow realistic and profitable sale funnels. Between the many ClickFunnels training and affiliate products available out there, the OFA Challenge is considered to be the most impactful as it’s destined to help you to take immediate action for the extent of the Challenge.

What are ClickFunnels anyway?

If you decide to take part in the OFA challenge, you will need to rely on ClickFunnels. It’s a vital funnel builder, affiliate management companion, email marketing tool and an excellent funnel training video platform. ClickFunnels has a One Funnel Away Challenge and it can be an effective all-around marketing strategy built precisely for businesses that want to focus on returns through sales funnels.

How do I know if the OFA Challenge is right for me? The One Funnel Away Challenge will work only if you:

  • Decide to finally learn how to build a sale funnel for your company, regardless of your niche (be it law, real estate, fitness, plumbing and so on)
  • Don’t have a concrete system to bring in fresh leads on autopilot
  • Want to know what your competition is up to – and acquire that knowledge in order to apply it to your own business
  • Persist and commit to doing each of these lessons for the next 30 days

The training you’ll be expecting from the One Funnel Away Challenge isn’t self-paced. With that in mind, you will not only be challenged, but you will be expected to keep up with ongoing training “missions” and everyday homework. Throughout the “challenge” you will encounter:

  • Video missions
  • Bonus training
  • Live coaching sessions
  • Interview with previous One Funnel Away Challenge Winners
  • In-depth instructions on how to develop various kinds of funnels
  • How to get steady and high-quality traffic to your offer
  • How to create one offer if you don’t have one yet
  • How to interact with beginners, veterans and other communities of funnel builder to stay accountable thought the OFA Challenge

The creator of OFA challenge, Russel Brunson and his team named this training and offer the “One Funnel away Challenge” simply because you don’t need hundreds of funnels to attain your revenue goals.

Today’s entrepreneurs opt to believe that driving traffic or building a funnel is too complicated. But the truth is entirely different – while your offer does half the hard stuff, your funnel does the other half. That said, with consistent traffic and a steady offer, all you need is one effective funnel to convert potential customers into happy shoppers.

Leading People into Your Funnel

To learn how to lead people into your funnel, it means to accept and commit to every side of the One Funnel Away Challenge for the next 30 days. If you plan to double your revenue with funnels, this article should have given everything you need to know to decide. The OFA Challenge is way more impactful than other programs as you’ll gain much more than just practical knowledge.

With a small investment of just $100, you’ll gain access to continuous support, theory, training, practice and a well-structured agenda on how to build your funnels. Also, the bonuses you get from the OFA Challenge Kit are incredibly valuable as they are timeless.

With that in mind, even if you choose never to take the OFA Challenge again, you will still gain valuable insights and in-depth details into how to develop efficient and profitable funnels from well-known entrepreneurs. The teachings you will digest through the Challenge will end up changing your perspective on what it takes to build a fruitful online business.

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