How To Improve Your Office Acoustics And Why It’s Important

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Open floor plan offices have taken over the corporate space to increase collaboration and team building. Though these types of office concepts are great, they also create a number of issues like sound control and many employees voicing dissatisfaction and dysfunction. The right acoustic design can improve productivity and communication.

Take for example a staff meeting. You want to be sure those in the meeting are able to clearly understand whatever message you are trying to get across as well as engage in the meeting. You do not want lots of loud noises or interruptions coming from the other room. Making sure you have a well-thought-out acoustic design will help increase productivity. Here are some ways you can improve your office’s acoustics.

Establish Work Zones

Make sure your layout and design dedicated work zones. This will help you and your employees separate different workgroups from each other according to their specific needs, which could help in creating a conducive sound environment. Maybe your business affairs team needs a more quiet work environment so they can be on the phone making deals all day whereas your creative team needs an environment that encourages verbal collaboration. By putting those teams together, you can better ensure the sound quality in your office will be controlled.

Use Sound-Absorbing Materials

Incorporate sound-absorbing materials in your office decor. This is essential to control the sound quality in your office. Install acoustic panels, wall tiles, living walls and fibrous ceiling and floor material. All these things will help absorb the sound. The possibilities in this area are endless. You can find any solution that will fit into the aesthetic of your office. You can install acoustic tiles, superabundant greenery or textile hanging art.

Choose The Best Furniture For Sound Absorption

Make sure you pick office furniture that are conducive to maintaining privacy among your employees. This ensures that they are comfortable, content and productive. Make sure your office furniture is made with acoustical materials and integrated sound-absorbing panels. You could also incorporate things like couches, soft plush seat coverings, office chairs, storage and filing solutions, desks, bookcases and shelves to control the sound absorption in the office.

Consider Your Ceilings And Floors

Do not forget about your ceilings and floors as these two things are imperative to sound acoustics in the office. If your fiber ceiling is not enough to absorb the sound, consider mounting acoustic panels on the ceiling. This is also a good way to improve the sound acoustics of your office without having to compromise on the style of your office decor. Also, take into consideration your floor. You can use many things to absorb the sound like carpeting, area rugs and other sound-sensitive flooring material.

Office acoustics are imperative to keeping your employees happy, engaged and productive. Do some research on installers in your area. For example, if you are in London, look up an acoustic design consultant in London and you can make the first step to improving your business.

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