3 Top Tips for Securing a Business Loan

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If you have a brilliant idea for a business, have done all the market research and have a clear growth strategy, you’ll likely want to jump into it headfirst. However, there is one thing stopping you from doing that: financing. You need to be able to fund your brilliant idea, and one of the most common ways of doing this is via a business loan, as these allow you to get your business off the ground without sacrificing any of your valuable equity. Here are 3 tips to help you secure the loan that will help to change your life.

Choose the Right Financer

If you’re looking to fund your small business, there are countless lenders that you might want to approach depending on the timeline of your growth plan, the interest rates you can manage and the amount you actually need to borrow. You have some choices:

Make Sure You Have All the Paperwork

When approaching lenders, you need to have a good, solid business plan that is based on thorough market analysis and careful strategy. It really helps if you have good credit history and strong assets that can assure your lender that you can pay them back if your plan doesn’t work out – unsecured loans can be pretty expensive for both parties. You need to explain why you need the money and how it can be used to generate more money as part of a healthy growth plan – if you need money to bail out your failing business, lenders will be less keen. You should know and explain exactly how each part of the loan will be spent and understand the risk associated with each element of the budget.

Use all the Help You Can Get

There is a lot of free help that can aid a business’ financing. The SBA has many resources that can inform you and point you in the right direction, but you can also make use of business mentors that work on a pro-bono basis. Organizations like SCORE connect you with business mentors for free, so you can learn from other people’s success, but don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn to find people in your industry that you look up to. Asking them for advice is rarely ignored, most people feel flattered you ask and have an innate desire to help.

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