4 Ways To Back Up Your Marketing Campaign

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When it comes to marketing, there is no denying that campaigns have changed a lot over the years. Mostly in the techniques that marketers are using but also in the complexity of the actual campaign itself and the medium used. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to reach many more people, but you could find yourself drowning in a sea of similarity when it comes to using tried and tested techniques.

There is no denying that a good marketing campaign can be expensive, and as a small business, you may not have the funds to invest in this area as a larger company would have. So, how do you create a successful marketing campaign on a small budget?

Make it eye-catching

You want your message to stand out whatever platform you are advertising on. A great way to do this is to create a branding that becomes synonymous with your company, be it a play on your company name: a pun based image or something out of the ordinary that catches people’s eye. Next, you want to use everything you can. Think stickers for product purchases, see ideas here on how this can work for you, advertising on leaflets, social media, your website and on your premises if you have any.


Now you have branding that is used consistently across your company. Next, you need to make sure people remember it. How often have you muted or turned the tv or radio off or to another channel due to an annoying advert or jingle? You remember it, and it sticks with you no matter how annoying. Be that jingle, be the brand that people think of when it comes to your industry and don’t let them forget you.

This goes for creating viral content for social media, radio, or TV advert or a poster that pops up all over town on advertising hoardings or bus stops and even buses themselves!


No matter what platform you decide to use for your marketing campaign, be consistent with it. Sure, going all out for a new opening or startup is excellent. Push your company to the front of people’s minds. But keep it up. The market is ever-changing and evolving, and you want a piece of the action. So, make sure that, as your company changes, you bring in new services or products etc. You want a marketing campaign that evolves with you and is continuously working for you.

Build a good reputation

Even the best marketing campaign in the world will eventually fall flat if you as a company let it down by not following through on what you need to deliver to customers. Be it in sub-par customer service or products to rude behaviour, the management or simply not being organised or focussed enough. If you provide a service that garners complaints, not compliments, then you can be sure that as soon as people see any of your advertising, they will make sure others know how bad their experience with you was.

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