How Deep Learning Technology is Changing Education

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Over the years, the field of education has developed greatly. The emergence of learning management systems and e-learning has taken the process of learning beyond the traditional methods used for teaching. It is now possible for teachers and instructors to reach a broader audience with online courses. This has made it easy for students to access their courses from any corner of the world at any time they want to by simply using their credentials.

Despite being a self-sustainable and complete medium for spreading knowledge, it also works well when combined with traditional classroom methods. Teachers throughout the world have chosen digital tools to deliver their classroom lectures with quizzes, online discussions, and supplementary materials.

Artificial Intelligence is greatly responsible to upgrade several applications used daily and will bring more changes in the landscape of technology. Several fields and industries have developed because of AI. Also, in the field of education, it is a must to understand Artificial Intelligence and also about Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Deep Learning

Before knowing what deep learning is, it is important to learn what does the terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning refer to? In simpler words, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to resolve problems, think, and then make decisions themselves without a hard-code algorithm. Intelligent machines find solutions to problems in a similar way that humans do, and sometimes they even provide better results than humans.

Machine Learning can be defined as the collective field of algorithms and processes used to develop AI in machines. Deep learning is one of the subparts of machine learning. It is gained by nearly imitating the anatomy and working of biological brains by building a similar neurological network.

Impact Of Deep Learning Systems In Teaching And Learning

Deep learning allows software applications to evolve intelligence to enable them to adjust and enhance on their own as per the situation. This opens up a lot of opportunities in the e-learning landscape, specifically in preparation for customized course content for every student.

Create Unique And Customised Course Content

Not every student has the same abilities to think and requirements to learn. This is so because minds are shaped by different factors such as academic and family background. Therefore, the same content might not be appropriate for every student who is a part of the course. Some students perform better in a class while others face issues to catch up. Hence, it is required to adopt the language, content, and speed of a course according to the aptitude of students.

Deep Learning LMS can make this high-degree customization possible. An intelligent Learning Management System would be able to recognize the profile of each student on the basis of their previous performance data and then shape the course accordingly.

Discover The Requirement For New Courses

Deep learning systems wisely understand humongous data sets and determine trends and patterns within them. Using this, LMS like this would be able to scrutinize the entire statistics and student data sets to identify gaps in the learning that is required to be filled. It can even out forward the methods to fulfill such gaps, thus, leading to the advancement of new course modules.

Greatly Interactive Learning Experience

At such a point of time, the apex of deep-learning LMS looks like AI-powered robot assistants that students have in their homes. Virtual Assistants like Cloi, Temi, and Zenbo are already in the market, which gives assistance to home-owners in their regular home-management activities. A situation where educational assistants will be present in the homes of students to help them in their learning is no longer far.

24 By 7 Doubts Resolving For Students

Teachers are usually over-burdened with the creation, delivery, and improvement in course material and assessing the performances of students. Managerial tasks that every teacher has to undertake should also be added. Entrepreneurial online teachers might also require seeing the business aspects of the courses they are providing. This means that they are usually left with too little time to interact with students and clarify their doubts.

However, forming a two-way communication is one of the most important things a teacher is required to do to increase the efficiency of their course. Cloud-based deep learning LMS that is related to learning knowledge base can be the 24 by 7 doubt solving assistant. It can be greatly valuable virtual assistance for every teacher and will enable students to find a solution to their doubts accurately and timely.

Automatically Optimize Content Of The Course

Every teacher is aware that preparing course material can’t be done in one go. Rather, they have to improve the materials and optimize them as per the current information and feedback of the student. With learning management systems, it is now simplified to gather the student’s feedback through course ratings, quiz results, and other course metrics. Learning Management System based on Cloud presents this quantitative data through reports and data a teacher can recommend evaluating and enhancing the content of the course and delivery.

Qualitative feedback can also be gathered through discussions and surveys with LMS and also use it. However, the instructor needs to process the data manually and make use of statistical and qualitative models to find patterns and enhance the course material. This activity is quite time-consuming and thus, challenging to execute frequently.

Deep learning algorithms are specialized in determining trends and patterns from large sets of data. Combining deep learning with (LMS) learning management systems can lead to a brilliant course material that regularly updates itself on the basis of feedback provided by students, without any requirement of manual intervention, and with greater accuracy.


Deep learning is not a trend that would disappear with time. Rather, it is an effective and pioneering technology that is capable to modify the human civilization. Education and learning can greatly benefit from this revolutionary technology which can modify the ways of learning drastically.

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