7 Seconds To Success: Ensuring Your Business Creates The Right First Impression

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Did you know that the average human being forms a first impression in just 7 seconds? As a business owner, there is no time to waste. If you fail to impress, there’s no guarantee of a second chance. Here are some tips to ensure you create the right impression every time. 

Your business premises

Whether you own an office, you run a store, or you manage a hotel or a beauty salon, the external appearance of your business premises will undoubtedly influence a customer’s perception of your brand. You want customers to walk past and want to find out more. Make sure your offices are smart and professional looking and add personality to ensure your shop or salon is inviting and welcoming. Dress windows to turn heads and use signage to attract clients and promote your brand. If you own the premises, it’s critical to keep up with maintenance and cleaning. If your windows are dirty, there are slates falling off the roof, or the outside area is overgrown and unkempt, this can set the wrong tone. Get in touch with professional window cleaners, look for reputable commercial roofing companies and make an effort to ensure your business looks the part from the outside. The exterior should celebrate your brand image and ethos and draw customers in, rather than putting them off. If you run a restaurant, for example, it doesn’t matter how amazing the food is if diners aren’t compelled to set foot inside because the outside looks messy and shabby. 

Customer service

Most of us will have experienced outstanding customer service, as well as moments we’d rather forget. The first time you come into contact with a brand representative or an employee of a business can shape the way you perceive that company for years to come. If you walk into a store, you’re greeted with a warm smile and the assistant asks politely if they can help, you’ll be much more likely to shop there again than you would if you were ignored or the assistant was rude. Customer service makes a difference in every sector, and it should be a priority for every employer. Staff training and providing detailed guidelines can help to ensure every employee understands what is expected of them. Even the simplest touches, like showing diners to their table or sending out personalised emails and treats if you run an online store, can set you apart from competitors. 


If you meet with clients, or your employees visit business clients or customers in their own homes, presentation is key. Employees should be dressed appropriately and any vehicles that are used for business purposes should be clean and well-maintained. 

Seven seconds can make or break you in business. In many cases, customers and clients won’t give you a second chance if you fail to impress them the first time around – which is often the case when it comes to commercial roof repair. To ensure you make a positive impression, spruce up the exterior of your premises and tend to any repair jobs swiftly, prioritise customer service and make sure your staff is well-presented.

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