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Supply and demand, it’s a simple concept. Unfortunately it seems like the demand in the haulage industry is larger than the supply. There are a number of reasons for this. There’s a lack of awareness of what opportunities there are in the industry. National Lorry Week is trying to change this and show youngsters the different types of jobs, skills and career paths they can forge. One of the first things that the industry is looking to set in motion to fill the shortage in drivers, is a passion for HGVs among the younger generation. 

But just as things seemed to be moving in the right direction, the question of insurance crops up. The average salary has increased by 2.75%, which could affect insurance prices. The industry is trying to offset this, by lowering the age of those who can obtain a HGV license to just 18. As you would expect for any 18 year-old, their insurance is probably going to be higher because of their age. Haulage companies need to use a trusted Truck Insurance Comparison website such as to find the best deals wherever possible.

However, the recent increase of apprenticeships may increase the amount of haulage drivers among the younger generation. Companies willing to take on apprentices will receive £4,900 for doing so. In a bid to fill the increasing gap, some restrictions regarding convictions have been relaxed. This is something that haulage companies will have to be willing to accept if they want to fill their ranks with new drivers.

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