9 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career In Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry is a good place to work for many reasons. If you enjoy or love working in a diverse environment where no two days are ever the same, this industry is a perfect career choice. It’s a career that depends on having a mental strength to face some new challenges head-on and being able to solve any type of problem.

If you are having second thoughts about pursuing a career in manufacturing, here are the reasons why you should consider it:


  • Many Job Opportunities


One of the reasons why you should find manufacturing recruiters to work as a manufacturing employee is the many opportunities open to you. Manufacturing jobs offer many entry-level positions. From welding to distribution and research to fabrication, the possibilities in the manufacturing industry are endless. If your goal is to gain experience and hone your skills, there are companies that offer on-site job training.

If you want to know the types of jobs that are in manufacturing industries, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics where you can find descriptions of manufacturing jobs, salary levels, skills used, ways to get education, training or certification, and sector growth data. For trends and statistics about specific workforce sectors, check out the Manufacturing Index.


  • Growth of Manufacturing Industries


Compared to other industries, manufacturing industries change rapidly in terms of innovations, improvements, and growth. In fact, the industry has been described as being in the middle of its 4th revolution.

The 1st revolution was in the late 1700s when factories improved the efficiency of human productivity. The 2nd revolution was when automobiles provided better transportation around the world. The 3rd revolution was when computers played key roles in manufacturing technologies. Now, manufacturing industries use robotics and automation for improved manufacturing efficiency and better production rates.

If you pursue a career in manufacturing, you can expect to learn new things daily as the industry continues to grow and adapt to new technologies. You can grow with the fourth manufacturing revolution, which can be a rewarding experience for people who want to further their careers.


  • You Can Work With New Technology


Other than robotics, the many innovative technologies in manufacturing industries that change the ways products are crafted also include 3D printing, and smart factories that use cutting-edge software where devices and robots are hooked up to IoT (the Internet of Things).

IoT is a system of sensors, wi-fi, and automated machines that enables objects to communicate and recognize humans as well as one another. IoT works by collecting data that can be interpreted by those who want to streamline manufacturing processes to improve a company’s profit margins.

Once you start working in the manufacturing industry, you’ll learn valuable skills that would keep you updated with the newest technologies in the world today.


  • You Can Expect Good Wages And Benefits


Due to the skills shortage, more manufacturing companies are actively searching for a productive workforce. Most manufacturing companies improve their retention rates by providing better wages to employees. One report points out that, in 2018, more than 12 million Americans receive salaries of more than $84,832 a year, some 21% more than the average worker’s salary of about $68,782 a year.

Among the top-paying jobs in the manufacturing industry are about $80,772 a year for Information Technology Managers; about $70,056 a year for Operations Managers; about $66,003 a year for Human Resources Managers; and about $61,733 a year for Mechanical Engineers.

So, if you got a job in manufacturing and were able to perform better and helped your company achieve its goals, you can be assured that you will end up with a stable and well-paid career as your company would do everything to keep you.


  • You Can Create Tangible Things


It can be very satisfying to see your fruits of labor. Manufacturing means producing things that are important in people’s lives.

You might be working with nanoelectronics. You might analyze big data about customer trends or guide product development. You might use 3D printing for organ replacements, specialized aerospace, or deep-sea components. You might work in bio-engineering for pharmaceuticals or lightweight metals for more efficient transportation.

Whether you work for a company that manufactures appliances or anything useful, it’s fulfilling to create tangible things that are deemed helpful in other industries.


  • You Can Enjoy Diversity And Stability


With the increasing demand for skilled workers, more manufacturing companies recruit people from around the world to improve their workforce quality and production rates. Because of this, a career in manufacturing gives you career progression opportunities as well as provides you more chances to meet new people who can also be part of your life.

Any manufacturing career that deals with basic commodities are generally recession-proof. This includes the manufacture of anything that goes into critical repairs and maintenance; to essential public works including light, water, transport, and communications; and to staple items such as food, clothing, shelter, transport, entertainment, and communication.


  • You Can Stay Active And Fit


Compared to a desk job where you sit all day, a job in manufacturing can keep you active, stimulated, and physically fit. A lot of times you will be doing tasks that may involve bending, lifting, stretching, or staying on your feet for hours.

For example, a manufacturing production technician has to be exact and accurate when performing a job, should be as fast as the speed of equipment, and should be able to enjoy repetitive physical and mental tasks during a standard 40-hour per week schedule but, at the same time, must sometimes work overtime to meet deadlines or quotas.

The physical aspects of a manufacturing job will keep you in shape. In addition, it will keep your days more active. Here, you can actually develop your muscles while getting paid. In fact, many manufacturing careers are also searching for physically fit employees to fill out their staffing needs.


  • You Can Be Creative and Proactive


At the same time, if you are more into brain work than brawn work, there’s room for you in manufacturing industries. For instance, if you’re into art and design, you can go into product advertising or packaging. If you’re good with words, you can go into corporate communications, document quality control, or advertising and promotions. If you’re good with people and relationships, you can go into human resources and corporate training.

While all these may appear to be all about following rules and regulations, output matrices, and toeing the line, there’s also room for out-of-the-box thinkers in manufacturing careers. For instance, you can work in advertising, weakness analysis, or market projection. You can be a data spinner, efficiency planner, or engage in damage control communication, to mention a few.


  • You Can Help The National Economy


The manufacturing industry supports national and global economies as well as families and individuals around the world. According to research, manufacturing is one of the most important industries in maintaining an economy, particularly in the USA.

As a matter of fact, it has been found that manufacturing is essential to maintain one’s standard of living. Clearly, manufacturing has a huge impact on the economy, livelihoods, and quality of life in different countries, which is something that you will be proud of when you begin a career in manufacturing.


  • You Can Work In A Safe Environment


Some people think that working in a manufacturing environment is dangerous. Since past events about unsafe and risky manufacturing practices and processes with hazardous machinery and chemicals were reported in the news, many did have the impression that working in factories was a risky career path.

However, because of the technology, strict safety standards, and being informed by past experience, today’s manufacturing industries operate in much safer environments. For instance, required safety requirements today include quality workplace standards for routine operations, safety equipment for hazardous conditions and materials, and full compliance of all requirements mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA).

Bottom Line

Manufacturing recruiters can help you find work at a good manufacturing company that pays its employees well. With today’s advancement in technology, a career in manufacturing provides worthwhile and challenging work. For instance, most companies have new manufacturing technology such as robots for automation of risky processes and result in safer and smarter working environments. Manufacturing careers create goods such as electronic appliances that are important to daily life and to the national economy. Such careers offer further education and growth in different manufacturing opportunities.

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