5 Reasons Why The World Needs More eLearning Content

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eLearning’s growth as an industry over the last two decades has been over 900%.

Sounds huge, right?

Well, a large number of industries have already turned to the virtual means of training and learning for skill enhancement and other educational purposes. However, the concept is still being doubted for some reasons.

In this post, we talk about five reasons why the idea of eLearning is above those doubts and why the world now needs more eLearning content than ever.

1. Perfect for Social Distancing

Well, the recent coronavirus outbreak has pushed the people across the globe inside their homes, and hence, the idea of eLearning is perfect for ensuring that learning doesn’t stop.

Clearly, if you too are quarantined inside your house, this is the best time to create training programs and help more and more learners achieve their learning goals.

And if you are a learner, surely there’s a sea of information to gather. Just find the right eLearning content for yourself and begin today without having to leave from home.

2. Population Is On A Rise and People Want to Avoid Traffic

If a person is having to travel 5-6 km on a side for attending a training session, they may significantly be adding to the traffic on the road. Plus, the fuel consumption is also going to cost their pockets and the planet as well (we are all aware of the ill-effects).

This is another reason why eLearning courses are better than traditional classroom programs.

Having the liberty of learning from home will encourage more people to stay inside, saving money on fuel and doing good for the environment.

Also, nobody likes to be stuck in traffic. eLearning programs can solve that problem as well.

3. Everyone Likes To Save Time

Who doesn’t like to have more time at hand?

Well, many people in the world would have been doing many more things in their lives, have they had more time at hand.

Just imagine one or two hours that you can save by not having to travel to the training centre.

You can use this time to practice the skill that you are learning. You can use this time to learn other skills. And you can also find a freelance project to fund your hobbies.

Sounds great, right?

Well, that’s one of the primary perks of signing up for an eLearning course.

4. More Economical

The fact that offline training classes require the physical presence of trainers and students for all sessions is the reason why they cost way more than online training.

Think about it.

A trainer can create an evergreen eLearning course once and keep selling it for many years to come, making several hundred or thousand dollars from it, as Earn and Excel do.

However, in offline training, they will have to visit the centre every day and may still not be able to teach as many students as they can by eLearning.

This is one reason why offline training costs more to students and trainers as well.

5. Super Convenient

One of the top reasons why eLearning is a priority for learners and trainers, and why we need more of it is the convenience that it provides.

For learners, it allows them to take lessons from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, without having to leave home.

Similarly, for trainers, eLearning means the usage of various eLearning tools like mobile learning solutions enabled authoring tools and learning management software that allows them to access, update and manage their courses from anywhere in the world.

Clearly, having more eLearning content will make a lot of sense in 2020.

Final words

While the comparison between eLearning and traditional classroom methods is long-lived and may go on even now, the world needs more eLearning content, and in this post, we shared reasons for that.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this and found this useful.

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