Going Eco-Friendly with Your Business is Easier than you Think

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More and more these days, people are beginning to pay attention to the environment and think of ways to reduce their individual carbon footprint and the impact they have on Mother Nature. It isn’t just the individual, though – more and more businesses are starting to think of creative, outside-the-box ways to reduce the harm they contribute to the environment, too.

For many businesses, especially in the corporate world, that can seem like no small feat. You may be wondering how you begin to go “eco-friendly” while still doing business. You’d be surprised. It’s actually a lot easier than people realize to implement environmentally friendly changes and tweak your business practices to be less harmful and more sustainable. We’ve given you a few ideas below, but these are just a jumping off point!

Eco-Friendly Merch, Products, and More

Lots of businesses, whether retail or otherwise, enjoy giving out merchandise, promotional products, and “swag” to their clients and customers. It’s a great way to subtly promote brand recognition, to get your name out there in subtle ways while also giving your valued clients a little gift. Whether you’re a bank giving out pens emblazoned with your logo, a coffee shop offering bumper stickers with a latte purchase, or a corporate firm giving out stress balls and printed coffee mugs; you want great products with your logo and information.

Did you know you can purchase eco-friendly versions of all of those products and more? Several great companies have entered the market, offering cool items like pens, coffee mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, toys – basically any type of promotional item you can think of, they make it – ranging from the cheap and inexpensive trinket to fancier, more elaborate gift ideas. Click here to see what innovative and environmentally friendly items one company is making.

Recycling, Repurposing, and Reducing Waste

You’re likely already doing your part in some small part – if your company has a recycling bin and if you pay for trash service or a company dumpster, you’re doing your part to help the environment. But you can do much more.

Recycling goes beyond just throwing your cardboard and plastics in a bin for pickup. It can also mean repurposing items for later use. If you work in manufacturing, reusing glass bottles, plastics and even paper products can help the environment so much (not to mention it saves you money). Look at ways you can reuse and repurpose items like this in your office or warehouse.

Looking into more sustainable packaging for your products is also a great way to reduce waste. Moving away from plastic packaging for more environmentally sound biodegradeable packaging is good for the environment and will make an impact on your customers.

Lessen Consumption

Lessening the trips you make at work and encouraging your clients and employees to do the same is a great idea. It can be as simple as conducting a few meetings over Zoom instead of driving to lunch. Walking to a closer local bar for after-work drinks instead of piling into a car. Encouraging employees to carpool. These are all easily implemented ideas that will save your employees on gas costs and be good for the environment.

These are just three ideas to get you started on how to be a more eco-friendly business. There are so many more ideas; it’s just as simple as changing your mindset and putting good practices into play. You can start today!

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