Here’s why you should invest in the property market remotely

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With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting many different entrepreneurs and investors, the search is on for an investment that is more secure and long-term; something to move towards for the future and for building a solid investment portfolio that can be relied upon.

Being a physical, tactile investment strategy, you would be right to assume that the viewing process and looking at the investment in person would be an extremely important part of the property investment process, but thanks to advances in technology and the demand in the market, remote investment is becoming much more common. Interested to find out more? Here are some different reasons why you should invest in the property market remotely.

It’s a stable and secure investment strategy

Again, with many investment markets currently volatile and unsure of themselves during this unprecedented time, many investors and buyers are looking to move their capital away from fickle markets and into something a little bit more long term and stable. This is particularly the case with the likes of stocks and shares, which can be extremely reactionary to current events.

Property investment is a great alternative for those that want to see their investment grow in value (and at the very least retain the same value), and on investment properties there is even the possibility of making rental yield income, meaning you can see instant returns on your investment, recouping some of the cost right away.

Developing technology is providing reassurance

Whereas ten or twenty years ago, investors might have been unsure of investing in an off-plan property, for example, or one that they haven’t had the chance to see and invest in yet, nowadays, modern technology is increasingly giving trepidatious buyers the peace of mind and reassurance they need to have confidence in their decision. RWinvest, a property investment company with luxury, forward-thinking property offerings in the North West region of the UK, are using VR technology to help bridge the gap during self-isolation. As part of the remote viewing package (alongside other key pieces of info such as guides, video and podcast content), these immersive 3D looks will give investors the next best thing, and give a much better idea than the traditional viewing.

A lot of investments are off-plan

In preparation for the future, keeping up with increasing inner-city demand from tenants and also planting the seed of potential as developments increase property values exponentially, many of the best current investment opportunities are off-plan – meaning they’re still in construction or planning phases.

If you have the knowledge of a certain city or area, an off plan development there might be the perfect investment for you, as you’ll best know the surrounding areas that can come in handy when marketing the property to potential tenants, and you’ll also have a more personal ties to the investment as it develops in the coming months and years. However, remember to not become too attached to a property. A property isn’t a second home (unless you’re buying it for that purpose), and so you need to treat it like a business in order to be in with the best chances of making yourself money.

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