Creating A Positive Working Atmosphere In The Office

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Some business owners think that keeping the team under pressure and on edge will result in the highest levels of productivity, but there has been plenty of research to show that positive influences on their motivation and productivity tend to work much better. One of those you might want to use is creating a workplace that they actually want to stay and work in. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Choosing the right team-building events

Now, it’s important to know that your team is going to groan internally at the idea of team-building events no matter what. However, don’t worry about that initial reaction. Choose the right engaging events from professional team builders and your staff are much more likely to have fun. When they’re having fun, they’re building bonds in the workplace that not only improve their sense of belonging, but also help them cooperate and communicate better.

Incorporate the natural world

People have an instinctual connection to the natural world. When we’re boxed off from it, it can affect our motivation deeply and negatively. As such, you want to invite as much of the natural world as you can. Finding great office plants can help brighten up the space, as well as improving the air quality. Most important of all is that you design the office in a way that maximizes the natural light that the place gets as best as possible

Give them a little treat

A break room or area where the employees can gather and rest will help create more sociable situations and relax the working environment when it’s needed, such as at lunchtime. A few quality purchases like a healthy good vending machine and a bean to cup coffee machine will make them feel valued, too. It’s a good catalyst for the inter-office mingling that can help really develop team bonds. If you are looking for rewards that are health-conscious, consider corporate IV therapy. A mobile healthcare practice will come to your worksite and offer employees a variety of IV formulas in sessions of 30-45 minutes. Vitamin formulas can help boost energy, clear mental fog, and ensure employees feel refreshed.

Reward your employees

This is one of the most important factors of all. If you want people to feel engaged and motivated by their work, they need positive examples of what happens when they do it to the standards that you expect. Giving out rewards to your team shows that you appreciate their work and, more importantly, give credit where credit is due instead of taking it for yourself. The ability to make people feel appreciated for their work is priceless.

Ensure face-to-face time

If you’re looking for feedback or you want to touch base with a member of the team, don’t immediately jump to an email or a conference call. Getting a personal visit and face-to-face chat with the big boss (you) can make employees feel like their side is really getting heard. Be sure to arrange for that chat over a coffee, in a relaxed environment, and make it clear you’re not inviting them to be reprimanded, but to be heard.

Of course, a positive working atmosphere won’t be created with just a couple of investments and the right intention. It will take work and time to build the workplace that you want, but making it a priority is always wise.

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