How to earn an extra income whilst stuck at home

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For anyone stuck at home during the COVID-19 outbreak (more or less all of us), are you bored yet?

One main reason why you might feel a sense of boredom, though, is a lack of purpose. While most of us enjoy a bit of downtime, having nothing to do day-in, day-out can lead to us becoming quite bored. That’s why we recommend that if you feel this way that you look to earn some money by using the following tips.

Besides, who couldn’t do with some extra cash right now, to put aside for a rainy day, or maybe pay off a payday loan lender.

This should help to stave away boredom and minimise your financial hardship during the outbreak.

Start up a freelance account

A good way to get started is to look at freelance sites like Fiverr, eLance, and Freelancer. Each one will give you a good chance to earn money doing anything from graphic design to content writing, virtual assistance to campaign management. It’s likely that you can put your skills to good use if you have any kind of virtual talent at all, utilising your time to help others whilst making a small income on your own.

Start helping out with tuition

If you are well-versed in a study, such as having a Master’s degree or a PhD or anything like that, you should look to turn to tuition. Many people are still looking to learn at home, and you could easily find that you can make some money by being a tutor online. From teaching English as a second language to students to helping out students on your expert subject, there are many ways to make some extra money during this crisis.

Educate about your passion

So long as you have some basic screen recording and voice recording equipment, this is possible. You could start up an educational YouTube account, telling people all about your chosen subject. It’s a good way to pass the hours, to get creative, to build up a new portfolio and a following. At the same time, advertising and merchandising moneys can be raised over time if you start building up a decent enough audience.

Get into focus group marketing

This is something that most of us could do, and it’s easily managed if you can do video calls at home. Basically, many companies will be looking to interview focus groups. They’ll ask you about new products and services, websites and advertisements – that kind of thing. Basically, they ask you what you think of their product/service and you respond in kind, or carry out an action, in return for money.

Taking online surveys

While it’s boring and often takes a good period of hours to make some decent cash, if you are online all day and have a second monitor it’s easy to do while you watch some TV/listen to podcasts/do something else. it’s a good way to go through some sites that will pay for your insight on surveys, quizzes, and all manner of other things.

While rewards can often be quite minimal, over time you can build up a reputation and get a decent earner out of this. Many people do this for a living full-time, so it isn’t as pie in the sky as it might sound!

Try out all of the above, and you are sure to have a chance of making some extra pennies. Who knows? You might just find a new calling from the comfort of your own home!

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