How Can Your Business Adapt To The Coronavirus Lockdown?

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Businesses across the world are feeling the pressure of the coronavirus lockdown. None of us were prepared for these times, and we are now striving to turn these challenges into opportunities. We have had to learn new methods and new skills, and use new tools to keep our businesses going. Who would have thought that we would need tools such as Zoom, and (what feels like overnight) become experts in digital Project Management Tools?

So precisely how can your business adapt to the lockdown?

  1. Online shop or service

Perhaps your brick and mortar business hasn’t offered an online service so far? If that’s the case, now is the time to change that. With the right website, technology and packaging supplies it’s simple to get an online service up and running. Entrepreneurs in the sector of personal training have started to provide online classes, as have private tutors and councilors. Using a little creativity and a webcam, your business can continue to move forward.

  1. Respond to demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a surge in demand of certain products. Many businesses have been responding to this change by creating brand new products. Beer company BrewDog has reacted to the hand sanitizer shortage by bringing out their own hand sanitizer product. Signature Brew has been paying musicians who are out of work to deliver it’s new ‘Pub in A Box’ product. The ‘Pub in a Box’ comes with playlists, beer, music quizzes, and glasses! Perhaps there’s a way that your business can respond to demand during our current crisis?

  1. Productive downtime

It’s not often that business owners get a little downtime, so why not use this slow period productively? Has your space needed a renovation for a while? Now could be an excellent time to give the office or store a revamp. Instead, you might take this time to keep on learning. There are plenty of short-courses online and business podcasts that could help you to gain some useful knowledge. Working from home means you gain extra time, as you ditch the commute. Sure you could sleep in a little longer or, you could get productive and gain some new skills!

  1. Tech Tools

If you’ve been working from home, it’s likely that you’ve been spending a lot of time on Zoom. There are plenty of other tech tools that you can use to support your remote success. Smartsheet is a cloud-based project management tool; it combines timeline management with spreadsheet features and collaboration. The application can help you to organize your projects, automate tasks, and enhance communication. Evernote is a note-taking application where you can cohesively store your notes and ideas. You can store web clippings, notes, photos, or receipts and record audio notes.

  1. Supercharge your marketing

Now is the perfect time to improve your marketing, consumers are stuck at home, and we are all spending lots of time online. With a huge audience to reach, take this time to create some fantastic content to gain new leads. Many are looking to the internet to find information about COVID-19, especially in relation to business. Take this as an opportunity, and be the voice that offers guidance during these uncertain times. Providing content that’s current and unique will help you to drive your brand awareness.

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