4 Ways To Speed Up The Internet In Your Office

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Almost all businesses rely on online technology of some kind these days. You have a website to run and email is an essential communication tool for any company. There are a lot of other great online tools that can improve communication as well, like live chat or voice over internet protocol systems. If you want to improve your online security and increase productivity amongst your employees, you should also invest in cloud storage systems. All of these tools can help to boost your business, but they do also put a lot of strain on your internet connection. If your internet runs at a snail’s pace, productivity will take a huge hit because your employees can’t get anything done. That’s why it is so important that you take steps to improve your speeds and ensure reliability. These are the best ways to improve internet speeds in your business.

Invest In Fiber Optic

Speed is of the essence. As providers of high-speed connectivity like Frontier internet will tell you, if you are still using ADSL broadband, you may find that it has trouble keeping up with your business needs. Modern applications require more bandwidth and if you want to keep up, you need to invest in a fiber optic connection. If this is not available in your area already, you can call in a company like GPE Electrical and Communications Contractor Pty Ltd to install and test fiber optic lines in your building. The difference in speed and reliability is huge, and any business that wants to get ahead needs to make the upgrade as soon as possible.

Run Virus Scans

In some cases, your internet may be slowing down because you have a virus, and that’s bad news for your business. Running regular virus scans is so important if you want to protect your business from the most common cybersecurity threats, and it will also help you to keep your internet speed from slowing down. You also need a well staffed IT team to constantly monitor systems and upgrade security to reduce the chances of a cyber attack.

Check The Devices On Your Network

A lot of businesses don’t realize that other people are piggybacking on their internet, and that can slow things down a lot. It’s a good idea to check what devices are connected so you can make sure that any nearby houses or even other businesses are using your internet. You should also stop your employees from connecting their personal devices to the office wifi because this can slow things down, especially if you have a lot of people in the office.

Check Your Plan

Some internet plans have a data cap and if you exceed the cap, the internet provider will deliberately throttle your speeds. If you notice that your internet speeds start to slow down at certain times during the month, it could be due to a data cap. Double check with your provider to find out whether you have a data cap, and if you do, you should consider changing the plan. If you do not want to upgrade to a plan without a data cap, you need to monitor your internet usage very carefully.

Slow internet can bring your business to a standstill but if you follow these simple steps, you can maintain your speeds.

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