Trusted and Respected: What are the 4 Most Important Management Attributes?

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Turnover of employees at any level is expensive. Companies either maintain a human resources (HR) department or hire an outside recruitment firm to find job candidates. After the expenses of background checks and verification of credentials are considered, orientation and training add to the costs as well. Loosing an employee after all that expenditure, and having to start that entire process again, takes up substantial resources.

Hiring Long-term Talent

It is difficult for HR professionals to determine if a prospective employee will remain with the company or leave after gaining some experience. The use methodologies based on science and psychological insights will increase the potential to hire long-term employees who will help move the company forward. Concepts and ways of assessing what each company requires in an employee translates to any industry and any size business.

An organizational consulting firm provides services that assist businesses and corporations in identifying and developing leadership qualities in employment candidates prior to hiring. Business owners will be able to explore all the possibilities by visiting Steps to begin succession planning and build strong teams are also among services provided.


Several management attributes are indicated depending on your resource. Four of them are included in any list, albeit with varying vocabulary. The first is organizing in one way or another. That can manifest itself in specific activities to accomplish company objectives, creating effective teams to deal with special projects, or scheduling professionals to supervise actions.

The second attribute is decision-making proficiency because all management choices affect the future of the company. Which products to introduce, what services to provide, and company policy inclusions are a few examples of how selecting the right course of action makes an immense impact. A manager who hesitates to act will cost the company opportunities to get ahead of the competition.

Maximizing All Options

Leading consists of constantly working with people who are part of the company and part of the industry. Delegating tasks to employees will not only increase productivity, it will help managers notice those who are motivated to move up. Future assignments will be designed to push potential leaders out of their comfort zones to gauge reactions. Adding more responsibility to employees also separates leaders from followers.

Engaging professionals from similar businesses to collaborate on complex projects or cooperating with other industry leaders on extensive community initiatives can push an agenda forward. Managers must be cognizant of these opportunities and maximize the benefits of participation to achieve goals. The reputation of any company requires strategic planning and effective marketing to highlight the positive contributions to customers and investors.


The last major skill required of effective managers in the ability to accurately evaluate subordinates. Performance reviews, for example, are often indicators of which employees are capable of working toward upward mobility and which offer minimal effort. Knowing who can handle being a team leader among coworkers and who will be more suited to a secondary role is critical for certain tasks or projects.

The positions in management are demanding. Not everyone is an appropriate candidate to make that transition but promoting from within the company is cost-effective and provides an extensive knowledge of operations and culture. Installing someone new to the company in a critical position means a sharp learning curve that can place the company behind in the industry.

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