How to create a Break Room that sets your Office apart

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Most good employees do their best to meet their employers’ standards in the workplace. Many go out of their way to perform their best; working overtime, showing initiative, taking on extra projects, some of which are pro bono; which often translates to being stuck in a desk all day, with no chance to step away for a break.

Contrary to popular belief, chaining yourself all day to a desk and having lunch in your sad little cubicle may sound like the recipe for success, but it sadly isn’t. Without sufficient mental breaks throughout the day, you will suffer from poor productivity and performance and worse still your mental well being will be at stake.

Overworked employees often struggle with chronic stress that consequently causes burnout and a host of other health problems. While this not only negatively impacts the employee, it affects the workplace too, especially in regards to the bottom line. This is why it has become so vital for employers to start encouraging their employees to take more breaks all through the workday.

These breaks are indispensable in helping employees de-stress and recharge to be able to handle the demands of a challenging workday. Regular breaks are also crucial for overall job satisfaction and employee retention. But these breaks can’t just be taken anywhere; a killer office break room has to be part of the package.

A break room that has an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere can allow employees to bloom and flourish. Spending time at the workplace will never feel like a vacation but there is no reason employers should not strive to attain this sort of atmosphere with their break room. A great break room can turn the office into an adult’s playground and can even make your office space feel like home.

If you want to maximize productivity and make your office fun and inviting, here are tips to help you create a break room that sets your office apart:

Personalize the space

The décor that you pick for your break room can indicate whether it will succeed in bringing your employees together or not. You want to try and be relatively consistent with your decorations in a fun and kitschy way that sets you apart. Although artwork is often overlooked when designing and decorating a break room, adding something like a personalized custom star map of the date the company was founded from Twinkle in Time can add some character to your break room.

If you are up to it, you can also include a massive thought-provoking mural from a local artist that will make a statement. Adding artwork is necessary as it helps you to differentiate the break room from all the other parts of the office, which enables employees to fully disconnect from their work and decompress.

Add fun touches

Adding a few fun touches in the form of games can really help to take your break room to the next level. Adding games such as ping-pong tables, foosball and pool tables can provide an enjoyable breather while promoting staff bonding.

If you are looking for affordable solutions, you can also add fun board games, word games, cards, and jigsaw puzzles. Such games that require multiple players encourage staff members to get to know each other.

A healthy snack bar is a must-have

The key to worker retention and employee satisfaction is free snacks. When it comes to workplace perks, there are few things that employees love more than free snacks and beverages. As such a snack station is must-have for any break room that wants to set itself apart.

Organizations that provide free snacks and drinks tend to enjoy happier employees compared to those that don’t. In recent years, some office break rooms have turned into a playground of sorts, with a never-ending supply of goodies such as chips, cookies, cold-pressed juices, granola, Greek yogurt as well as every kind of cereal under the sun that you can imagine.

You will want to do your best to stock up on healthy supplies that can keep the energy levels going throughout the day. You also want to provide coffee with a variety of flavored creamers as well as an array of black, herbal and green teas so that your employees can start their day right.

Provide comfort above all else

Thanks to a growing number of millennial-led startups and high energy tech companies, the workplace has been re-imagined. When creating your break room, design a space where everyone can relax from work. Include cozy couches, seats, and add coffee tables as well as current magazines and newspapers.

If your budget allows it, consider mounting a TV or play pleasant music through the sound system. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you can even include sleep pods where workers can take quick naps in between work sessions. We all get tired; human beings are not eternal output machines that are designed to work all through.

If your staff members do not take a breather, you are going to end up with a diminished workforce. Forcing them to sit idly at their work stations will not help either. Having a great break room appears to be the ideal solution to the problem at hand.

Add pops of color

Nothing helps to transform a boring workplace like pops of color. Go for neutral hues and break up the monotony by adding brightly colored dining chairs, unique dining tables, and don’t forget the throw pillows. When designing the space, you must keep in mind that color affects individuals in varying ways.

Final Thoughts

The office break room has become widespread these days, making them a staple for modern office environments. Creating a designated space just for your employees where they can chat, de-stress and have fun can do wonders for your team’s morale and togetherness.

For these reasons, creating an amazing break room is more than just a good idea for improving your team’s well being; it is something that can work to improve your bottom line, which is a win in any book.


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