5 Super Cool Gadgets to Own in 2020

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2019 had prepared many interesting innovations in the field of technology. Every year, we receive hundreds of improved versions of old devices along with innovative technologies that we can’t then live without. If you are in love with modern technology and do not see your life without the latest gadgets, this year promises to be quite blooming with new products. New manufacturers and models are hitting the market constantly, with some amazing new innovations, OPPO being a great example in the smartphone sector.

Foldable phones, fingerprint scanners, 5G, improved gaming computers, VR devices for the home, all these are already on sale and await your assessment. Let’s take a look at the top five smart devices that will be indispensable for fans of games, computers, and new technologies in 2020.

Foldable Phones

Old approaches, long-forgotten in the history of slider phones of the mid-2000s that every second fashionable person had, are again returning to the market. Many manufacturers decided to rethink space savings and phone sizes while trying not to lose the quality of the wide displays.

According to SpielTimes, the first attempt by Samsung to make such a compact phone with a touch screen did not show promising results in 2019. It happened because of the fragility of the device, but the interest in this development area didn’t fade. The Korean company made a real response, so OPPO, LG, and Huawei announced working on their variations of foldable gadgets.

In the race to create full-screen smartphones, manufacturers are forced to change the form factor of devices and hide camera modules in pull-out elements. Therefore, if you want to be in a trend, be prepared that by the end of this year, the market will be filled with expensive sliders and foldable phones, and the fashion for iPhone will recede into the background.

Razer Kishi Game Controller

The Razer Kishi game controller is positioned as a compact accessory for mobile games. It largely resembles the Razer Junglecat model, presented during the announcement of the gaming smartphone Razer Phone 2. However, it is compatible with a more significant number of devices, including gadgets for iOS and Android.

The highlight of the Razer Kishi gamepad is that it is part of the NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. It allows users to play games with impressive hardware requirements without physically having access to such powerful hardware. The accessory can be connected either via USB Type-C or through Lightning.

The company also introduced the modular Tomahawk Gaming Desktop computer, which uses the Intel NUC Element architecture instead of classic processors and motherboards. The case of the first Razer computer itself is a ready-made solution with a built-in power supply. The user will only need to decide on the final configuration of the system unit and upgrade it when needed.

The starter kit includes a 512 GB SSD, 16 GB of RAM, RTX 20 series graphics, and an Intel Core i7 processor. The top version of the Tomahawk Gaming Desktop provides an Intel Core i9 processor, 64 GB of RAM, and a GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics accelerator.

HyperX Fury Ultra Gaming Mouse Pad

We often undervalue the effectiveness and use of details. The gamers are very well-acknowledged about how a good mouse and mouse pad can enhance the entire playing experience. That is why the innovative and style inimitable HyperX Fury Ultra RGB mouse pad (great review here) is a must for your player’s kit.

This pad is made from a micro-textured surface with non-existent edges and a low level of friction that will ensure the smooth moves of the tool. You will see the stunning difference is speed and reaction to the slightest movements of your hand, thanks to a no-slippery surface of the floor mat. The Fury Ultra mouse pad will help you to show your striking skills to the fullest.

The HyperX QuadCast Microphone for Streaming

If you are thinking about your video channel, you can start with a smartphone with a built-in microphone. However, you can’t do without proper equipment to reach an adequate level of quality and build an audience. And if with a decent game with lighting from a smartphone you can achieve a good picture, do not expect good sound, as you can’t do it without an external microphone.

It is unpleasant to listen to a booming recording with an echo in the background, no matter how cool your content may be. Take any popular channel on YouTube, find the oldest videos, and compare them to what’s coming out now. All bloggers start at the “knee-high” level but soon, raise the quality by buying normal light, cameras, and microphones.

The HyperX QuadCast is a full-featured, stand-alone microphone that is ideal for beginner streamers or podcasters who need a high-quality condenser microphone. The QuadCast microphone is equipped with an amazing anti-vibration shock mount that helps to reduce environmental noise and a built-in pop filter that mutes annoying vibration sounds.

For a real ASMR, a single microphone is not enough, as you need a complex design that emulates human ears. But with QuadCast, you can record quiet, smooth, and deep speech, creating a light ASMR effect. For achieving this effect of being in the listener’s head, you must put the microphone literally a few centimeters from the mouth. Thus, you will need to speak carefully and quietly, avoiding noisy sighs.

For a stream or interview, you can turn on the desired mode (cardio, bi-directional), check the volume level when recording, and don’t worry about anything. These are not the most demanding formats for sound detailing, and QuadCast can handle them without any special installation on the table and even post-processing.

Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount

We can’t but agree that we need our phones as close to us as possible. Smartphones now contain everything from a city map and a navigator to music.

That’s why it is not practical and even dangerous to use your mobile phone while driving that is not on a special holder. Special mounts come as safe and convenient to use gadgets that can hold your phone in a position comfortable for you to use navigation and other functions that assist with driving.

There are a variety of devices that can help to attach the phone to the panel board. Choose one that will provide you with a convenient rotation, confident fixation of the phone, regardless of its weight and size, and a safe location in the car. As recommended by GiftWits, be wise and opt for the magnetic holders, such as an Apps2Car phone mount, that will become an indispensable gadget in your car.

Also, make your choice on the device that combines several important functions. For example, phone mounts can be configured for different sizes of phones or have chargers inside so that you won’t need to clutter up the cabin with hanging cables.

Gadgets Are Now the Vital Part of Our Life

The best gadgets that enter the market every year combine comfort and ease of use, as well as facilitate our everyday lives. This year will please us with innovative technological breakthroughs in many areas. To find more perfect gadgets and accessories for your home, check out Gearhungry.

Although the devices mentioned above will not magically fix all your problems, they can significantly enhance the quality of your daily routine, hobbies, and little things. So, be sure to stay tuned for all new technological solutions that are about to enter our lives and change them to better.

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