12 Business Ideas For Your Land

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If you have land that is not yielding income, then you might want to do something about that. Whether you bought the land as an investment or inherited some landed properties, there is no reason to leave it just lying there doing nothing; you can start making money from your land temporarily even if you have not yet figured out what you really want to do with it. Here are some lucrative business ideas that you can use to make money from your land on a temporary or permanent basis.


There are many different types of farming you can do depending on the type of land you have, but whichever one you do, farming is a very lucrative business. Whether it’s livestock, poultry or crops, you can never go wrong with starting a farm on your vacant land because people will always need your produce.

Outdoor Storage Facility

You could set up a storage facility where people can store large items. Constructing a storage facility is a lot easier than you might think and you can earn a nice bit of pocket money once it’s done.

Outdoor Advertising

A great way to earn a consistent passive income is to put billboards on your land and charge people to advertise there. Obviously, this only works if your land is in a strategic place like by the side of a motorway where lots of people will see it.

Golf Course

Why not have some fun and transform your land space into a golf course, and charge people to play. It doesn’t have to be a full 18-hole course; you could do a pitch and put course or even crazy golf.

Car Park

Is your land somewhere where people would find it useful to park? Id so paid parking is a very lucrative business and a pretty easy way to make some money too.

Camping Site

Can you convert your land into a paid campsite where people can come and relax with their friends and family? You might need to add some basic facilities if you want to make more money, but that’s not too tricky but will be well worth the investment.

Christmas Tree Farm

A seasonal business, but one that will make you very happy and your bank balance soar come the Christmas season. You can use the rest of the year to plant and nurture Christmas trees, and when Christmas is here, then you can sell them on.

Wind Turbine

Setting up a wind turbine is another lucrative business idea as alternative energy is big business right now.

Rent it Out

One really easy way to make some money off your land is to simply rent it out.

Flea Market

Why not convert your land into a flea market or a car boot sale, and charge people fees to use your space.

Car Wash

If you have the room then why not get some equipment and open up a car wash?


Can you convert your land into a beautiful garden where people can hold fairytale weddings? Do you have a barn where they can use or a huge marquee? Weddings a big business and people are always looking for different options and renting land is a popular one.

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