How to Take the Stress Out of Business Travel

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Traveling for work is a completely different experience from traveling for pleasure. Having a job that requires a lot of travel across the world can have a significant impact on life outside of work. Jet-setting careers may sound glamorous, but, too much business travel can take its toll.

If you are a frequent flyer because your career demands it, then you may find that you struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Frequent travel for your job can blur the lines between your personal life and your career. Travel can eat into your time off, and leave you feeling exhausted and unable to enjoy your downtime. If you are looking for ways to minimize the stress that business travel can cause, then these tips should help:

Reduce the Frequency of Travel

Reducing the amount of traveling that you do may not be a realistic option for everyone, but you may find that it is more achievable than you thought. Reducing the amount of travel that you can do can significantly reduce your stress levels. You may want to look at ways to reduce the frequency of meetings so that you have a longer gap between travel. Alternatively, you may decide to look to technology to help reduce the amount of time that you spend away from home. Conference calling has significantly evolved in recent years to improve the standard of calls. Cloud computing has also made it possible to work with both people that you share an office with and people on the other side of the world in real-time. Technology and cloud computing, in particular, offers extensive possibilities for collaborative working regardless of time zones and distance.

Be Ultra-Organized

Making sure that you are super-organized is an excellent way to reduce your stress levels. Small details such as attaching colorful plastic luggage tags to your suitcase to make it easier to identify in baggage reclaim can make a big difference to stress levels, and make the whole airport experience more efficient.

If you can, use the flight to either get some sleep or to prepare ahead for your meetings. Utilizing this time for work means that you don’t need to do it in your own time at home ahead of your flight. Researching local knowledge is an excellent way to feel fully prepared for your trip and to reduce any stress that you may be feeling.

Make Time to Relax

When you arrive back home after your trip, make sure that you allow yourself to rest and relax. Try not to make too many plans, or to spend time working once you arrive back. Putting yourself under lots of pressure to rush around and work hard after your flight is a bad idea. Trying to keep up with a hectic schedule is likely to leave you feeling tired and run-down, which can leave you more susceptible to falling ill. Try to get some rest, stay hydrated and eat a nutritious meal to keep you feeling healthy and relaxed.

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