Could The Coronavirus Make Your Lifestyle Healthier?

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The Coronavirus pandemic is bigger than anybody expected. Although the UK has quite a small number of cases, the rest of Europe is struggling to cope and shutting its borders as a result. This means more and more businesses and employees are having to work from home and avoid all non-essential contact with others. Through this lens, it’s easy to see Coronavirus as a destructive illness that could put your health at risk. However, it’s essential to try and spot the silver lining in situations like these for the sake of everybody’s health, both mental and physical.

With that in mind, here’s how the current advice could make your lifestyle healthier for the next couple of months.

You’re Isolated

Self-isolation isn’t fun for long periods. And, hopefully, the quarantine doesn’t go on for as long as the government is implying. However, for now, self-isolating for two-weeks is an excellent way to prevent health issues, from Coronavirus to the flu and Norovirus. Let’s not forget that the office is a melting pot where personal hygiene isn’t always a strength. At least in your home office, you won’t be subject to colleagues who cough and sneeze without covering their mouths. You know who you are!

It’s A Well Needed Break

Employers go the extra mile to ensure every staff member is safe and secure in the workplace. Whether its gas monitors to check for toxic chemicals or signage to prevent slips and falls, there is a legal requirement to safeguard workers. Still, your workspace might not be completely free from hazards. Factory workers, for example, could be subject to toxins. Even if they are at low levels, continued exposure isn’t good for your health in the long-term. The same goes for loud noises. There’s only so much ear protectors can do to prevent hearing damage, so a break will help your body reset.

Stress Is Under Control

Working from home essentially means that you are in charge of your workload. For the moment, you are your own boss and decide how much work you get through. Sure, your manager will expect a certain level of productivity, yet it’s hard to police it in the current climate. Plus, lots of companies are scaling back as demand diminishes. Therefore, the amount of stress that you usually deal with won’t be the same for the next few months, and your mind and body will benefit from lower cortisol levels. Remember that stress is a killer, too, especially with a boss breathing down your neck.

There’s More Incentive To Stay Active

This might sound counterintuitive when the Prime Minister has advised against going to pubs, restaurants, and bars. But, there are levels to the current advice. Right now, there is no enforcement on people leaving their homes. Yes, you must go about it in the correct way to safeguard your health, yet there are several ways to do it if you’re savvy. Going for a walk is a prime example, as is jogging. It’s not as if you’re going to bump into crowds of people on your route!

Considering you’re working from home and spending more time indoors, the urge to get out and exercise will (hopefully) be too strong to resist.

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