How To Handle Job Insecurity

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Are you afraid of losing your job?

Many people are, as uncertainty is common amongst today’s workforce. As seen in this article, there are many reasons why some of us are fearful of becoming unemployed, including the chances of recession, redundancies caused by robot takeovers, and management changes in the companies we work within.

And as we discussed here, the fear of job insecurity can affect your mental state, and that could affect your productivity. Needless to say, this could also affect your future with the company you work for.

So, how can you handle your feelings of job insecurity?

Well, there are a number of things you can do.

Consider a change of career

If you are working within an industry where recession, redundancies, and automated takeovers are likely, it could be in your best interests to think of a career move. Find those career paths where there is a high demand for workers, such as teaching, social work, nursing, and as discussed in this article highlighting transport group Atkins, transport engineering. Sure, you might have to retrain and gain new qualifications, but if you could attend part-time courses while you’re currently working, you would be all set for a new career if your current position was taken away from you.

Stand out at work

If you could make yourself indispensable, your boss would think twice before laying you off or replacing you with an automated machine. So, be diligent in your work habits, and be the best that you can be. Take on the tasks your boss gives you, no matter how menial, and show your willingness to do what it takes to support the company you work for. Consider the training courses that would boost your performance and add value to the company, and take them, even if you have to do them in your own time. And take an active interest in the company you are working for, as if your boss can see that you value your job for more than just your paycheque, they might consider your permanence in your role. You might even earn a promotion, and that could increase your chances of job security.

Run your own business

If you can’t find job security in the company you work for, consider starting out on your own. Think about your skills and your personal passions, and consider using them to begin your very own business. This way, you can get to be your own boss, and you won’t have to live with that fear that somebody is going to lay you off or fill your position with a robotic replacement. Of course, running a business is not easy, but there are lots of articles online about finding business success, so do your research and try to find a business mentor to support you.

Feelings of job insecurity are common, but by being proactive, you can allay some of your fears. Consider our suggestions then, and think about the steps you should take to improve your chances of job security.

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