4 Signs a Desk Job isn’t Right for You

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A lot of adults work in an office, but it isn’t a good fit for everyone. Thankfully, there are several jobs that don’t require a desk, such as construction workers and nurses. If you’re unsure which kind of work you would do best at, the four signs below indicate that a desk job isn’t right for you.

1. Time Goes Slow

If you’re watching every minute go by on your watch and the days drag on, then it’s likely that you’re bored and unenthusiastic about your job. When you have passion for what you do, then the time truly flies by.

While you might assume everyone watches the clock in an office, that’s not the case. It could be that your personality isn’t suited for the desk job environment but instead that you would do better in a more active position.

2. That Trapped Feeling

Does getting behind a desk make you feel caged like an animal? If you can’t wait to get away as soon as you’re seated, that’s a definite problem.

Sure, it could be that you have a small cubicle or there’s no window in the office. But more likely, what’s happening is that you feel like you’d rather be on the go as a driver for Travis Perkins or another fulfilling career choice.

3. Wandering Mind

Do you have trouble keeping focused on the workday? If your mind continually wanders into la-la land, take it as a sign that a desk job likely isn’t your ideal type of occupation.

Instead of dreaming of being elsewhere, a job is a good fit when you want to make the most of the present time to excel at work and can’t believe it when the day is already over as you want to do more. Daydreaming signifies wishing to escape, and that’s going to be clear to those around you, which means you won’t be motivating anyone else.

4. You Dread the Start of the Shift

Believe it or not, it’s possible to look forward to a workday! When you’re doing what you love, the start of the day is exciting because it signifies an opportunity to make a positive difference with your actions.

If you wake up dreading sitting down at a desk, then it’s time to think about what else you could be doing as one-third of your life is at the workplace. Don’t spend your work time wishing you were doing something else as you’ll only end up with regrets.

Looking Forward Career-Wise

Are you starting to resent a certain work environment? If so, it’s probably best to start looking at what to change about it to be happier. Otherwise, your disinterested vibe can transfer into your personal life, and that negative energy isn’t good for anyone.

If you decide to change jobs, try to transition to it without having a period of unemployment that could put additional strain on your life. A good plan is to start the job search while still working the office job, with the goal to get into a professional role that you enjoy doing each day.

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