How Do Entrepreneurs Travel and Run Their Business at the Same Time?

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Entrepreneurs rarely stay in the same place. You’ll find them occasionally working in an office or a co-working space, but most of the time, they’re jumping from one location to another. This is especially true if an entrepreneur works with clients on a one-to-one basis, or if they provide consultation services.

However, most entrepreneurs will stay relatively local, only doing business with people that are in the same city or even country. Some entrepreneurs take travelling to the next level, often bouncing from country to country to offer their services or even take part in special events. These travelling entrepreneurs need to be incredibly disciplined if they want to be successful, but there are no secrets when it comes to travelling and working.

So in this post, we’re going to reveal how entrepreneurs manage to travel from country to country while still remaining focused and able to deal with their business responsibilities.

They establish a remote workflow

One of the first things to focus on is creating a remote workflow that allows them to work from virtually anywhere in the world. If your workflow as an entrepreneur requires you to work in an office, then you need to find ways to remove that requirement so you can go completely wireless and work from anywhere you want.

Establishing a remote workflow will greatly depend on what you’re doing as work. In most cases, you’re going to need to switch to cloud-based services whenever possible so that your apps and data can always be accessed as long as you have an internet connection. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, then it often means having the right software installed on a relatively powerful laptop.

If you’re managing employees, then using cloud services like Trello are great for managing a project without needing to be physically around your employees. In addition, you might also want to focus on other communication methods such as Slack that will help you keep in touch with your team and see what they’re getting up to.

They make travelling comfortable

Travelling can be taxing on the body. It involves a lot of physical activity but it also puts a strain on you mentally because of the differing time zones. This can be detrimental to your travelling lifestyle and it’s important to look for a way to make travelling more comfortable.

This article titled What The Business Traveler Really Needs is a great place to start when it comes to collecting tips on how to travel and work more easily. Travelling can negatively affect your ability to work. However, if you increase your comfort and focus on your wellbeing, then you’ll find that it can be easy to keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle.

They don’t stay in fancy hotels

A lot of people assume that entrepreneurs stay in fancy business hotels and expensive suites. The reality is that most entrepreneurs that travel stay in cheaper accommodation options. This can be Airbnbs or even hostels if they’re only staying in a country or town for a day or two.

Airbnb is usually the best option when it comes to accommodation for business travellers because it offers you more functionality than a hotel room while also being cheaper. It often doesn’t come with luxury features, but you can at least cook your own meals and have a safe place to store all of your belongings. You’ll also get access to the internet, a desk to work at and even space for clients and colleagues if you’re planning to meet them.

They always look for opportunities

One of the things that separate entrepreneurs from regular people is their ability to identify business opportunities. This skill is what enables them to constantly look for new working opportunities so that they can not only take advantage of their travels to seek new clients and partnerships but also find new work so they can sustain their travelling lifestyle.

By constantly seeking out new opportunities, you grow your network and have a much higher chance when it comes to sustaining your company. It’s a basic and necessary skill for all entrepreneurs to learn and it involves being social and interacting with people that you come across. Practice your pitching skills, make sure you get to know the business people that you meet while travelling and be more assertive when it comes to your interactions.

They don’t mind failure

One of the biggest problems that travelling entrepreneurs face is failure. If you travel all the way to another country only to lose a big opportunity due to unfortunate circumstances, then you might feel incredibly depressed, upset and lacking any kind of motivation. In cases like this, it can be difficult to pick yourself back up.

Failing is a common experience for entrepreneurs, especially those that travel on a regular basis and are still getting to know the international market and how people from different countries prefer to do business. It’s part of the learning experience and it means that you need to grit your teeth and embrace those failures in order to learn from them. Travelling entrepreneurs don’t mind failure because they understand that it has value in helping them learn. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur that can travel, then you need to learn to deal with failure from a very early stage.

They’re motivated individuals

Lastly, entrepreneurs can travel and work because they’re highly motivated individuals. All things considered, travelling and working in unfamiliar environments is taxing both physically and mentally. Being able to keep yourself motivated is incredibly beneficial and will make a huge difference in your success rate as an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be a lonely one, so finding tips to stay motivated as an entrepreneur can make a huge difference. With self-confidence and motivation, you can drastically improve your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur while also remaining focused and disciplined in order to travel and work.

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