Getting The Right Visa To Work In The U.S.

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If you don’t live in the US, you can hardly be expected to know the ins and outs of immigration law here, in fact, even if you do, you wouldn’t be expected to. This is where an immigration lawyer comes in. They can tell you whether you’ll need a study visa, a work visa, or a residential visa, and they can give you advice as to the best way to apply for your visa. This kind of service is invaluable when it comes to short-term or permanent emigration to the US.

An Immigration Lawyer Will Explain the Application Process

In the last few years, visa application refusals have risen considerably, which means that refusal is a real possibility. This is, in part, due to the new requirements put in place. Before your application can even begin being processed, for example, you may need to take a TB test, pay the visa fee, and fill out the application form in English before booking an appointment at a visa application centre and printing a copy of your application, be it for a h-1b employment visa or a student visa.

The best immigration lawyer cannot guarantee your success, but they can help you to put yourself in the best position possible. This means an immigration lawyer can advise you as to what documents you should take to your appointment and what sort of characteristics are shown in a favourable light. Ensuring that you are well prepared for your appointment and that you provide all the right information on your application is key if you are to be successful.

Immigration Lawyers Can Help When Trouble Strikes

In the event of a successful application, you’ll be able to take up residence in the US for the duration permitted by the visa you are issued. Until the point of reapplication, you should, ideally, not have to hear from immigration lawyers again, unless, of course, issues arise. Issues such as the expiration of your visa before you reapply, or the serving of deportation orders due to criminal convictions, can result in a renewed need for the services of immigration lawyers. You can, of course, appeal any decisions made about your visa without their assistance, but these experts can be especially helpful when it comes to indicating what routes of appeal will be most likely to succeed.

The importance of this should not be ignored. If you are found to have been deceptive in your application or appeal, even if it was not intentionally, you could find yourself banned from re-entering the United States for up to ten years. An immigration lawyer will ensure this does not happen, as they will take you through every step of the process, from the appeal options available to you, to filling out your appeal, to the evidence you need to supply, to submitting the appeal. This will give you the peace of mind that you have done all in your power to overturn any refusal or issues that have arisen.

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