Ways to Protect Your Pallet Racking System

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Once a thorough analysis of your warehouse structure is in place, choose convenient pallet packs. But, various factors can affect the effectiveness of racking systems if preventive steps are not taken in the first place. The repairing of the pallet racking system is even more dangerous if it is in dire need of replacement.

The ideal way to save money on repairs and damage of pallet racks is to practice some preventive measures. This way, you will not only protect employees from unforeseen circumstances but also prevent potential damage to the pallet racks.

Below are the ways to protect your warehouse racking system.

Use Angle Guards and Upright Protectors

Angle guards are bolted to the ground to absorb the shock of a forklift impact while moving the inventory. It helps in protecting the bottom of the rack from a collision. Similarly, upright protectors placed at the end of the rack protect it from the impacts of the collision, if any.

They also serve as a warning sign to the forklift operators that they have reached the end of the rack. The following are the types of equipment to guard your pallet racking system:

Higher the Visibility, Better the Functioning

Implementing a good source of lighting will enhance the visibility of warehouse employees. It will not just reduce accidental damage to the racks but will also allow the forklift drivers to work without any difficulty.

Also, installing convex mirrors and speed limit signs throughout the premises will ensure safety from vehicle collisions.

Avoid overloading the racks

Overloading of racks is the root cause of the breakage and collapse of the racking system. But it is preventable by keeping the load of the inventory under control. When buying the pallet rack, you must understand the weight carrying capacity of the rack.

This will benefit your warehouse operations by preventing damages caused due to excess weight. Be sure of the capacity limits of your pallet racks, or else you can call the experts for assistance.

Use colored tape to direct the drivers

The expansion of the layout of a warehouse is not a convenient option. But, if there is huge inventory management at stake, then some preventive measures need to be taken. When there is limited space, movement becomes restricted.

You cannot widen the aisles to reduce the damage to the racking. But you can use colored tape to guide the drivers from not getting too close to the racks. This is a proven way to protect the pallet racking immensely.

Well-trained staff means less risk

When employees and operators are well-versed in the instructions regarding how to handle pallet racking, there will be no damage. It is vital to prevent mishaps or accidents in warehouse operations. Encourage employees to report the damage caused, if any, during inventory replenishment.

Ensure the forklift drivers are well-trained to operate vehicles. And all the employees are provided with relevant PPE (personal protective equipment) when on duty.

Every possible protective measure must be in place to ensure long-term use of the pallet racks.

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