5 Benefits of Car Donation in Utah

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Utah is quite famous, owing to facts like being the host of the annual Sundance film festival and having five impressive national parks. Additionally, the people of Utah are among the most charitable people in the country. One genuine charitable initiative religiously followed in Utah is car donation.

For instance, a simple online search with the phrase “car donation in Utah” will give you numerous noble causes that use this charitable option. Car donation not only raises funds for the underprivileged but also comes with some valuable benefits, as mentioned below.

Free Towing Facility

Typically, a donation program will offer free towing. Thus, you need not spend time in locating a licensed towing company. No matter what type of terrain you live in Utah, be it in desert or mountainous regions, the charity foundations will ensure you get a hassle-free towing service, free of cost.

No Expenditure from Your Pocket

You can proceed with car donations from any part of Utah, including Salt Lake City, Boise, Provo, and West Valley. The charity trusts cover almost the entire state. You can consider this as an opportunity to dispose of your unwanted car and avoid expenses and time involved in actually selling it.

Donating a vehicle negates the need for costly repairs, test drives, and other expensive tasks that are required to sell your car.

Considerable Tax Deductions

Once you donate a car of a value above $500, the charity either sells it or uses the vehicle for its programs. Accordingly, the charity will provide certificates, which is useful for tax deductions.

Also, in this case, you need to submit IRS Form 1098-C along with your tax returns. If it’s under $500, you perhaps deduct the vehicle sale price or a minimum of $500. However, make sure you donate in the tax year you want to claim it.

Further, the donation should be to a 501c3 nonprofit organization, eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. In case you’re looking for a charitable organization, there are quite a few programs that make car donations in Utah. Also, you must ensure to get all the receipts to prove your donation in order to file taxes properly.

Hassle-Free Selling

In the case of selling your car, you will have to deal with annoying buyers. Also, you may face possible privacy issues since you will include your contact details in the advertisement.

On the contrary, donating a car does not require you to pay for printed ads. It’s a great advantage since the rates of putting up ads in local newspapers in Utah are quite high. Also, you don’t need to deal with a potential buyer over phone or emails or negotiate the sales price and other nuisances.

Feel Good by Transforming Lives

One of the significant benefits of donating your automobile is a sense of satisfaction that you get from your good deed. It means a lot, especially in states like Utah, where you know your small contribution will help transform the lives of the underprivileged.

When you donate your car in Utah, your funds help the needy people, like the less fortunate kids, kidney patients, and veterans, to name a few, with a noble cause.


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