Motivating Your Team When the Going Gets Tough

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When you own a business, you have easy periods. Perhaps when business is slow, or when everything is running like a well-oiled machine. When it’s like this, everything is great. You’ve got the staff that you need, they know what they are doing, and they are happy doing it. Morale is high, everyone feels motivated and happy, and it feels as though nothing can go wrong.

Unfortunately, it’s not always like this. Often when we get busier, face a time of change, or team members leave, things quite suddenly get tough. Usually, when we least expect it. Suddenly nothing is going well, work is hard, employees can’t keep up and your processes, which once worked so well, struggle to cope. When this happens, motivation is bound to take a hit. But, pulling it back up again is one of the best things that you can do to get everything back on track. Here are some of the things that you can do to motivate your team when the going gets tough.

Make it Easier for Them

If your processes aren’t working anymore, change them. Look at ways to streamline systems, cut unnecessary tasks, automate where you can, cut the middlemen, use legal case management to improve productivity and update systems. Ask your team what you can do to make their life easier, and make sure they’ve got all of the tools that they need to get their jobs done well.

Lead By Example

Often the very best way to motivate your team is to get stuck in. When times are hard, they need to see that you are working as well as they are. That you are sacrificing time with your family, working extra and putting more effort in. They need to know that their leader, the person that they look up to, isn’t looking down on them, but rather getting their hands dirty on the shop floor. Help out where you can, and be the person that works harder than anyone else. They’ll respect you for it, they’ll never forget it, and motivation will improve.

Reward Their Hard Work

When times are tough, it’s more important than ever that you celebrate every little success. Reward your team when you can, but when you can’t, be sure to say thank you, acknowledge their hard work and achievements and show pride.

Give Them Something to Look Forward to

We all need something to look forward to from time to time. Even if you can’t do anything right now, make a promise. Promise an extra morning off, a staff night out, or additional supplies in the break room. As soon as things calm down, start fulfilling these promises.

Hire More Staff

If your team are really struggling to keep up and it’s affecting morale, the best thing that you can do is take on an extra pair of hands. Someone to come in for a few hours to do the menial work can be a huge help, even if it’s only temporary.

Outsource Work

Another option is outsourcing whatever work you can. This can be anything from admin to marketing. Anything that you can take away from your team, to give them more time to do their core jobs, will boost morale.

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