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How many times have you been to a trade show and been given plastic pens, keyrings, and other smaller items? They get put in a drawer, never to see the light of day again. Because more often than not, they don’t relate to the business, or they just aren’t great quality.

But you, you can be different. You can use promotional materials well. You can give customers insight into who you are, and what you do, without a keyring in sight.


Consider the content you create as the big hitter in your promo. Not only is free for the most part, but you can go viral and see your message reach millions. Creating great content is always going to be one of the best marketing tools at your disposal. And since video and images are the most popular, it might be time to start putting time into infographics and videos.

Here are a couple of content types that work really well.

Lists – There is probably already a list out there that can cover what you want to create. So you have to step it up a gear. You have to add more detail, give better-supporting links, and more importantly – increase the numbers.

Adding a few extra will give Google the nod that your content is valuable. Try to stick to odd numbers, they tend to perform better, and always put the number at the start of your title.

Who – Keep in mind who you are speaking to with every piece of content that you create. Being too general means you will alienate your niche, as well as not being relevant to others. Find your target and aim for it.

Free Stuff – If you create it, they will come for it. Templates for invoices, quotes, social media templates… Almost anything you can think of, people will need it in template form. Have bundles for free download, make sure you SEO the text well, and you’ll see a flow of traffic. The key point here – opt-in emails as a gate.


Attending trade shows and networking events will always be a great way to talk and connect with people. Most often, you will exchange business care, and they will leave your stand with some promotional items.

Think about the most useful items you can give. Reusable coffee cups, notebook and totes 4allpromos.com has everything you need to nail it.

Social Media Marketing

This will probably be your bread and butter. Join in all regional and local chats and the ones that relate to your business. When doing so, make sure that when it is relevant to do so, share your products and content too.

Add extra interest to what you are sharing by creating videos. You can create short and simple videos with the following applications:

  • Quik
  • Animoto
  • Headliner

There are many more ways that you can keep your audience engaged and move people from cold to hot leads. Much of which will rely on research and always speaking to your audience.

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