Complete Guide To CrossFit Equipment

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We are going to look at one of the most popular exercises and the different types of equipment that are needed.

Whether you’re using them for as a part of your training business as you have just gotten your certificate 3 in fitness or purely for your own physical improvement, there are four kinds of CrossFit equipment that you simply cannot do without. They are deemed a must because of their durability and versatility, meaning you will get the most for your money with these equipment sets.

You are certainly going to require a good kettlebell set for CrossFit. This piece of equipment will provide you with the best workout tool for your muscles, which you will already know if kettlebell circuits are something you have tried before. Doubt flat bottomed kettles with smooth handles wide enough for a two-handed grip are the best choice when shopping for this product.

Aside from this, you should look for an Olympic grade barbell. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to this piece of equipment. After all, if you go for a cheap barbell, the bar will bend with a 200lb drop from head height. For the best usage, stay away from barbells with a centre knurl or pin barbells.

The third piece of equipment we recommend when it comes to CrossFit is a good set of jump ropes. This is a vital type of cardio equipment that will enhance your dexterity as well. There are different weights, suitable for everyone from a novice to an experienced CrossFit athlete.

Last but not least, a good set of Olympic gym rings come highly recommended for working your back, chest, and arms while ensuring you learn all about endurance and control. You can opt for wooden or plastic rings

The Difference Between Cheap Olympic Bumper Plates and Steel Plates

Cheap Olympic bumper plates are not always easy to find for a few reasons. The biggest of these is definitely that they are more expensive than steel plates to begin with. This means that, even when being sold second hand, they may still be pricier than new steels.

Unless you’re really lucky and someone desperately wants to be rid of their bumpers, you’ll find that both second-hand and new sets of bumpers will inevitably be more expensive than steels. There is a good reason for this, though: they are hard-wearing. If you consider the sheer number of years of usage you will get for your money, then it can often work out cheaper in the long run to invest in Olympic grade bumpers. The increased durability is due to their design. Rubber, or coated, bumpers are specially designed to withstand the continual usage and long drops that weightlifting entails. This gym equipment is perfect for CrossFit and other such workouts for this reason. Whilst there is nothing to stop you from using steel plates, you should be aware that these could damage your floor to a greater extent when they are continually dropped from a height. In summary, if you are taking part in competitive weightlifting and dynamic exercises such as CrossFit, then bumper plates are the better option. Steel plates should really be kept for basic strength training and conditioning. But a good set of bumpers are suitable for all types of exercising and are therefore a worthwhile investment over the traditional steel plates.

Is It Worth Buying Brand New?

It may be appealing to purchase used CrossFit equipment online, but there are a few points you ought to take into account before you give in to such transactions.

You’ll find so many websites that have been created for buying and selling used items like gadgets as well as gym equipment. The disadvantage is the fact that you’re not at all times receiving the value for your money. Laws protecting consumers online is poor, which is particularly the situation when you’re buying used items from separate sellers. If your CrossFit equipment does not provide the right standard, you can do nothing but pay for another set. This is the reason why it is a good idea to purchase new gear from reliable dealers.

These businesses will give you complete information about the product together with an insurance or warranty (determined by who you purchase from). When the items are flawed you’ll manage to return them to get a reimbursement or exchange product and, probably above all, you’ll take advantage of the legitimate protection that’s provided to people who purchase on the high street. You must usually keep, and produce a copy of, the verification of your order/transaction emails in addition to any warranty.

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