Alloy Wheels Can Increase The Value Of Your Car

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Alloy wheels are among the most popular of modifications made by car owners to their vehicles. Many of us love our cars and like to customise them a little to show off our own personalities. Others are looking for tweaks that can improve the resale value of their car when it’s time to sell.

Alloy wheel refurbishment can help fulfil either requirement. Nowadays, cars fresh from the showroom often have alloys fitted as standard. Older models, though, are more likely to rely on the clunky, old-fashioned-looking steel wheels. If you have a car you’re looking to put on the market or simply want to give your vehicle a new lease of life for your own pleasure, it’s well worth considering alloys. Apart from the undeniably sleeker, more attractive look they offer, they also weigh considerably less than the steel-plated alternatives. This in turn positively affects the car’s performance. If you are investing in wheel refurbishment in the hopes of selling your car fast and for more money, there are a couple of things to bear in mind, though. Firstly, remember that taste is very important. What appeals to you may not appeal to your buyers. Choose a design that’s classic and elegant to avoid problems further down the line. The second factor is to ensure you choose a quality, reliable specialist to carry out the work. Then you know a good job will be done and your alloys will look as good as they possibly can. Also, proper maintenance will include lubrication or greasing of the joints and sockets to function properly and help slow down wear. You might also want to use a suitable greasing tool like a handheld grease gun to ensure proper oiling, you may check this link for more details:

Sell Your Car Faster

If your car is up for sale, then you may think spending more money on it at this stage is a pointless exercise. But, just as you’d carry out some beautification projects on a house you were trying to sell, so tidying up your car can make the difference between a fast sale and no sale at all. 

It’s easy to assume a quick valet job, inside and out, is enough to make a good impression on prospective buyers. It’s a good start, but the truth is that anyone coming to look at your car with a view to spending money on it is going to be interested in the overall condition and how it’s been treated while you’ve owned it. Now we all know, with the best will in the world, even the most competent driver will bump and scrape their wheels along the kerb from time to time. If your wheels bear signs of this kind of damage, anyone thinking of buying your car will take this into account and may assume their condition is an indication of rough treatment. They may worry about hidden damage more, as well as how much it would cost them to replace those alloys themselves. 

Alloy wheel refurbishment from companies providing a quality log book service is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to give your car a makeover. If the damage is minimal, then you may get away with using an over-the-counter kit to repair it yourself. But this takes time and a professional finish is hard to achieve if you don’t have the experience. It may be better to invest in professional alloy wheel refurbishment. 

Keeping Your Wheels Clean

Wheel refurbishment services are widely available if your alloys have become tired and worn through everyday use, or have been damaged and scratched by close calls with kerbs when parking. But if you’ve just had a new set of alloys fitted, or had your alloy repair Ribble Valley, what steps can you take to keep them clean, to delay having to fork out more cash for alloy wheel refurbishment?

There’s no doubt that a new set of alloys can be expensive, and so once you’ve paid for them, you’ll want to keep them looking good for as long as possible. The key is to clean and maintain them routinely. The cheapest way is to wash them regularly with warm, soapy water. Be warned, though: never use any abrasive materials on them such as pan scourers or steel wool pads. These can easily scratch the surface and make further damage or corrosion almost a certainty. There are plenty of specialist cleaning agents for alloy wheels available on the market if you think it’s worth investing a little more money in prolonging the natural life of your wheels. A good cleaning agent is non-abrasive and will loosen brake dust, dirt from the road and any oil or grease that may build up through daily use. Look for environmental credentials on the product details for a biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning compound. If the build-up of dirt is more than an off-the-shelf solution can handle, though, you are going to want to book an alloy wheel refurbishment specialist to give you that as-new look.

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