How To Make Your Home Feel More Hygge

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Your home is the place where you dwell day after day and ensuring it feels and looks exactly how you want is important to your mental health and to your personal happiness. The word Hygge has been circling the media for some time and although it may feel that you have not fully grasped the concept of this Danish phenomenon then there are some simple ways to start implementing it into your home. The word itself essentially means cosy living space; a place that feels homely, welcoming and a place you want to spend time.

The ways in which you can incorporate Hygge will differ from home to home and depending upon your decor, you can have your home feeling beautiful in no time at all. Focusing on cosy vibes, you may want to start shopping around for cosy blankets and pillows, keeping focus on neutrals and nothing too fussy that can be too overbearing in your home. Candles, cute ornaments, big tea cups that you can fill to the brim with warming teas and curtains that look floaty and pretty are all going to be big assets.

In terms of decor, there are no hard and fast rules but you can of course always hire a professional painter and decorator to create the perfect setting for your Hygge. Warm tones and accents can really play a huge part, look at adopting some gold into your life, along with some warm peaches and tones that make you feel fuzzy and cosy. Greys are also a particular favourite, they are unobtrusive and many colors work well with this neutral palette.

Lighting is going to be a huge asset to your Hygge decor. Good lighting will create cosy vibes that will feel inviting to you and your guests. Twinkling fairy lights work well scattered around your fireplace or along the walls. Avoid any harsh lighting or huge ceiling lighting that will feel bright and imposing. If you are able to, look at creating an open log fire or look into an alternative such as an electric log fire which gives the same effect with less effort and still looks lovely in the home.

Textures are again another huge thing in the world of Hygge and to adopt this to your home decor, you may want to look into creating some great textures to add layer upon layer to your room. A knitted blanket looks warm and snuggly, but add a little extra pizazz with some velvet cushions and some potted plants, such as cactus or spider plants that will bring new exciting textures to a room and make it feel multi-functional. There are plenty of ways to start enjoying a home that is fuelled by Hygge inspired decor and ornaments. Above all though, the Hygge experience is down to you. Keeping a calm, relaxed and happy home environment will leave you feeling peaceful and fulfilled. So try it out, grab a cup of warm spicy tea and cosy up with a book!

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