Why Landscaping Company Needs to Be Insured

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Landscaping, like most other businesses, has its risks that you would need to be insured against. Lush greenery is great, unless it’s overgrown and obscuring your doorway, in that case you might want to look for a service offering tree trimming in Gainesville to help clear up that overgrown brush. This business involves a range of services that include lawn care, mowing, landscape design, arboriculture, irrigation system installation and tree trimming among other activities. Workers, as well as other people around areas of operation, can get injured, and machines used can also break down or get damaged. Various insurance companies have special insurance for landscape companies owing to the complicated nature of this business. Still, there are quite many small businesses that do not see the need for such covers. Here are a few reasons why you need to be insured as a landscaping company.

  1. Workers and Public Safety

Landscaping work usually happens away from your offices on other people’s properties. Workers have to drive to the sites carrying equipment with which to carry out their tasks. Accidents might happen en route injuring either the workers or/and other people involved in such accidents. The property also gets damaged in such situations. You need to have insurance to cater for medical costs in case of injuries and compensation for property damaged.

  1. Use of Dangerous Chemicals

Landscaping work involves the use of various chemicals that might be hazardous to workers and the public. These chemicals include some sprays, fertilizers, and pesticides among others. In addition to workers and others getting ill, the chemicals can also contaminate the environment around the working area. Your company can easily get sued for such damages. Instead of stressing yourself with such issues, you can just take a cover against them and work peacefully. 

  1. Damage to Property Cover

Anything can happen when pruning trees or digging up whole at the worksite. You can have branches falling on to the neighbors’ roof or even damage underground pipes. Pipes that carry gas especially are very risky since they can explode and cause serious damage and at the worst death. As a landscaping company, you need to be ready for such in eventualities as you never know when such accidents will occur. It is for this reason that you should take a cover that not only covers damage to public property, but also your property as well.

  1. Loss of Tools

Most landscaping work is done outside. You will find yourself doing a lot of digging and planting, cutting grass, leveling fences and other such chores. Most often than not, workers end up misplacing tools or even burying them up without their knowledge. Replacing some of these tools would cost your start-up coming a great deal of money, hence the need to take a cover that guards against such loss. There is also the issue of theft where some hired hands or even your workers can steal from you. Getting a cover for this gives you peace of mind when you hire out these tools even to third parties.

  1. Cover Against Bad Debts

While it is not a common cover, expect to have such cases. Such clients can interfere with your business, as they take not only your profit, but also your working capital since you must pay your workers. It is good to be on the safe side for such circumstances to keep your business running.

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